Machinima Payola
  • Paying people for positive press isn't new, nor is it bad, it's the whole paying people but not telling anyone they were paid part that is the source of the uproar. It's just like game reviewers getting paid under the table. It is a big deal if you have any morals, but people nowadays don't, and seem to enjoy being bent over and fucked hard so nothing will come of it. Fraud isn't just an ugly side of the business game any more, it is the game.
  • This isn't new, it's been happening for ages, and all companies engage in it. The successful ones you never, ever hear about. This is definitely nothing new. It's like viral marketers, people go bananas when one is found, but there's a shitload of viral marketing that isn't discovered and is doing its job perfectly. We're all influenced.
  • Crappy behavior is not new. Deceit is not new. Should we not still be offended? If your solution is to just give up, then you preclude even the chance of improvement.
  • I am flabbergasted really I though these were honorable companies! :P

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