Extra HD Remakes
  • Free upgrade if you own it on PC. :)
  • @NewAgeRed The free upgrade is nice :) . I haven't really played Skyrim as much as other Bethesda games but I hope this will encourage me to get into the game properly and actually complete the mainline missions.
  • Maybe they'll fix the Thieve's Guild questline bug that broke the entire questline for me.
  • Did you try the unofficial patch or console commanding your way through it?
  • @GoodEnoughForMe

    Nah, was on 360 at the time so I never got to mess around with that stuff :(
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 port

  • Man that port is supposed to suck. And the prices are nuts. Big no thank you there.
  • Dead Rising Collection

    I'm in for this one.
  • Yeah, I'm all about that Dead Rising collection, plus DR4 looks excellent. Can't wait to get my Christmas-themed zombie slaying on.

    Still holding out on news for the RE2 remake.
  • Darksiders 1: Warmastered Edition 

  • LEGO Harry Potter Collection

    Yeah, think I'll pass on this one.
  • Oh Shit!  Finally!  The game that will make me purchase a current gen console!
  • I was trying to think of a good joke title for remastering, but there really isn't one. They will rerelease anytime there is a dollar to be made. Balloon Fight? Coming in HD from Nintendo this Christmas. Oregon Trail? Different versions of that will be sold for money until the end of time. You have to name a game so bad that it won't sell, and then the joke is lost. Dai Katana Remastered! See, not so funny.

    Must not buy Bioshock Collection until price drop.
  • I'll probably get the LEGO Harry Potter one for the achievements if it isn't a silly PS4 exclusive.

    Bioshock Collection is calling my name but not for the current price.
  • I picked up the Bioshock collection, I played about an hour of it yesterday. It's bioshock. Its awesome. 
  • Cannot wait to get more trophies for playing Minerva's Den again. That is one of THE great pieces of DLC eveh.
  • I plan on playing through 1 and minervas den and that's it. I never actually played Minervas den the first time around.
  • Bioshock 2 is totally underrated. The Den ain't as good as Bioshock 1, but it is great DLC. Bioshock Infinite is the weak sister.
  • What westsw said. Infinite is the only one I never bothered replaying or platting. Loved the first 2.
  • Really I loved 1 and infinite but when I played 2, it just felt a little tedious to me. I finished it but I never felt the pull to come back like I did with the original and Infinite
  • OMG rocket harpoons. You get to launch goddamn spider splicers to Hell and gone with rockets harpoons. Some of those big sister fights are no joke. Yeah the story is not as good, but the combat puzzles are top notch. Gameplay and level design in Infinite were boring as fuck.
  • Maybe i'll get the bioshock one, Infinite is fun to play, but story just doesn't make sense, don't write timeline paradox stories, if you don't understand how it works.

    I will pass on Lego one, for some reason i just cannot get into those games.
  • The Ezio Trilogy PS4/Bone

  • I feel pretty over AssCreed. 2 was amazing at the time, but that became the formula. That trilogy is the same game three times. I can't even seem to fully engage with 4, which everybody loves, because the combat still sucks, the stealth is wonky, and the free running is dull.
  • I just had a facebook friend asking me if the AC games were good. I told him how I've only played the first two, and what I know about the series. Interesting seeing this collection now.

    "Three games and DLC* Enhanced for new gen platformes.
           [*Does not include multiplayer modes or DLC]"


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