Extra HD Remakes
  • @Dr Flibble @Epke LMAO, that looks awful!
  • Also interesting to note both Arcania and Legend of Kay are from Nordic Games.

    I'm not against remakes, but the stench of dead horses being flogged is getting stronger and stronger.
  • Even HD-er Gears of War all but confirmed.  Just Gears 1, though.  Let's not shoot that Torque Bow bolt too soon, we could be at least 2 or 3 more years into this dumb console generation before anybody can stick to a flippin' release schedule.  Let's save Gears 2 and 3 (y'know, the good ones that people might actually want to play) for the next holiday seasons...

    Is it just me, or is this thread (or should I say, this overall trend in gaming) really fucking depressing?  It has turned out to be a remarkably prescient question from Dr Flib, even if the evidence had already been there towards the end of last year.  The rate at which we are being presented with the opportunity to re-buy HD versions of games that were HD already is getting pretty silly.
  • It is. Darksiders 2 is another one that's very questionable as it doesn't come with Darksiders 1. At least the Uncharted one seems to actually have all 3 games. Official announcement at E3 I bet, to make up for U4 being pushed back into next year.

  • The Uncharted collection is very likely to be unveiled at E3. That will be on my sometime or other list. Multiplayer was always an add on to the last two. I wonder if they will keep it at all. Makes it simpler than the Halo debacle. I am still surprised that the Xbox faithful have not made more noise that Master Chief no worky good. Halo 2 multiplayer was a religion at one point.
  • Prototype Biohazard Edition (Prototype 1 and 2 HD for PS4 and BONE). Available now.


    I don't even recall seeing any advertising anywhere for this one, or anyone calling for its release. But it happened.
  • There's a rumour going around that Resident Evil 6 will be coming to the PS4 and the Bone.

  • That's the bad one right 4 was good. 5 okay. 6 terrible.

    My question is why? Surely that pile of garbage won't sell again.
  • You'd be surprised. Lots of people still liked it.
  • RE6 wasn't the best, it was actually pretty terrible in some ways, but I know plenty of people who'd buy it again. I'd be more interested in playing RE5 again than 6, but even then I don't need it on PS4.
  • I asked for no such thing. I did not even ask for a 60 buck remake.
  • I'll wait and see until some actual facts surface rather than conjecture. FF VII was/is great, still has a fantastic opening sequence and was a gutsy story for the 90s. I'm bummed that it sounds like it's going to be a pricey re-imagining but who knows. If it's a massive remake instead of rehash and has 100+ hours of content, then I'll be a lot less peeved about paying more than I would if it was mostly a straight interpretation.
  • I'm more excited about the Resident Evil 0 HD Re-release that drops in January.
  • I wouldn't put it past them to do 3 games at $60 apiece. They already test run the model with Final Fantasy XIII. Nothing is confirmed yet, but keep those anuses puckered. And you know whatever price they decide on, or whatever horrific micro-transaction or episodic scenario you can imagine, it'll sell. Because FF7. And because drooling retards.
  • I will wait and see, they cut me to the heart with FF13 and i am still not recovered
  • Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls

  • Other than Naughty Dog, I have seen little that needed to be brought forward. I mean I would play Fallout 3 again, but they should never do that for nut bars like me.
  • I'm a little surprised we haven't seen some Fallout HD or Elder Scrolls HD collection yet.

    And what happened to the Mass Effect HD collection?
  • Do you think folks want to play through all 3 Mass Effect games, just to have all their choices not matter again? The main story for Fallout 4 is a current whipping boy, and rightfully so, but it does offer far more choice than holy holy ME.
  • I just picked the Nathan drake collection up for £20. That's probably the price i am happy to pay for games I have played before.

    With Uncharted specifically I think it's just been long enough since I played one. I have forgetten enough for the story to suck me in again.

    Take that and add the fact that Uncharted 4 comes out mid next year.

    All those things seem to have come together and made this purchase okay for me.
  • Mass Effect would sell if they did it, which they said was going to happen ages ago. People still defend these games, shitty as they turned out.

    ME doesn't sell because of plot choice, it sells because of the sexual choices you can make, like all Bioware games these days.
  • Latest Dragon Age was their best game ever. Huge, interesting, cinematic, and I did no dating at all.
  • Yeah, Inquisition was excellent. I never did get around to all that DLC though.

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