Hitome De Game (Show and Twtich ch)
  • Ah, it's nice to see the forums back online. I've lost touch with some of you guys...

    Well let's cut to the chase,
    Our show is still running, but we knows what YouTube has been doing and it doesn't look well for us podcasters.
    Lucky for us we've been in contact with some people and things are coming our way that we are going to take advantage of.

    We've taken many steps and we have been mostly doing work now on Twitch.tv/CyberMousey. Our schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri 8PM EST.
    You might as well consider it Hitome De Game done live, and surprisingly it works quite well. We have HD multi-cam, multi-mic setups and we can stream from pretty much any console. With both of us playing and commentating it takes our show to a new level that only twitch host for us. Plus we have specail guests and events.

    So we hope you didn't miss us too much and we'd be glad if you followed us along to our new home:

    Hitome De Game hosts
  • Also, we are both on NoobToob now!
  • Congrats on still going strong you two. I watched your old Katamari episode from 2012 and thought it was great. Can't wait to see what you come up with for 2014!
  • Great to hear from you, we always did, and still do have so much in store, the down time that comes and goes with our ever changing schedule lets us re-work and tweak things form time to time. As of late it seems Twitch has become our natural progression. That will let us do what we always wanted to do. The Hitome show LIVE.

    So much to come and thanks for hanging in there with us. Hope you are liking season two. Take a peak. New Co-Host YouTube.com/CyberMousey

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