Playstation Now
  • We knew the cloud was a coming to gaming. Sony announced Playstion Now. It went beyond just bring the backlog of old games coming to PS4. Sony plans to stream games to Vita, to tablets and to coming Bravia TVs. It made you think that PS5 will be the cloud, be a service, much more than it will be a box. Where the rubber meets the road will be cost. MS tried to change some of the rules with Xbox One, and the public rejected their ideas because all the changes were to increase dough to MS. I am very interested to see what the nuts and bolts deal will be. Plus is a deal and a half, hopefully that will be the model. Also, Playstation is planing a TV service, to compete with Netflix and include live TV offerings. Forget cost of subscription cost, they have not even named this thing yet. I have more limited hope here, but I certainly welcome the competition.

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