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  • We knew the cloud was a coming to gaming. Sony announced Playstion Now. It went beyond just bring the backlog of old games coming to PS4. Sony plans to stream games to Vita, to tablets and to coming Bravia TVs. It made you think that PS5 will be the cloud, be a service, much more than it will be a box. Where the rubber meets the road will be cost. MS tried to change some of the rules with Xbox One, and the public rejected their ideas because all the changes were to increase dough to MS. I am very interested to see what the nuts and bolts deal will be. Plus is a deal and a half, hopefully that will be the model. Also, Playstation is planing a TV service, to compete with Netflix and include live TV offerings. Forget cost of subscription cost, they have not even named this thing yet. I have more limited hope here, but I certainly welcome the competition.
  • Sooooooooooooooo many unanswered questions!

    Will this be part of Plus? Probably not, it'll probably be a separate subscription model.

    How the hell is someone without a Playstation controller going to play something like the Last of Us on their TV? Or their tablet?

    How much download speed is required as a minimum? This probably won't be happening in most of Europe for a long time yet.

    It all sounds great in theory, but in reality I'm not sure how well it's going to work for many people.
  • The biggest thing in my eyes is going to be licensing. It would be amazing if they could flip a switch and we'd suddenly have access to the complete PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP libraries but in reality that won't happen. Throughout the years various Sony employees have said licensing is a bitch, when it comes to getting classics up on the PSN, especially as they have to deal with multiple regions. It's an obviously issue though, so hopefully they will be doing everything they can to make getting games up on the service as easy as possible.
  • @FirLocke I was hoping it would be included in with PS+. I would be fine if they raised the price of + to $60 or $100 a year and included the unlimited streaming. But it will probably be a separate fee.
  • It will be a separate fee. I'll have to wait and see for a couple things - latency, library, and pricing. All 3 matter a lot, and they're not being forthcoming with details because it's not done. If it's a rotating library, no way. If it's a bare-bones library, no way. 
  • The hype so far is that latency in minimized to the point that multiplayer works well.  We will see better information out of the beta, to begin soon.  Many games don't care about latency very much.  I don't care about how the library is structured, I just care about dollars to hours of entertainment.  Rotating is fine if it is cheap.  Cheap rentals with trophies would be even better.
  • I'm not big on the idea of a rotating library because a lot of games I would be interested in, assuming they come to the service, are long. I'd hate to have to stop playing Final Fantasy XII due to it going off the service. I realize that's an extreme case, though.

    I can't agree with the latency talk though - with the exception of strategy games for the most part, latency is huge. 

  • Well it looks like 5 M/bits download is the recommended, which isn't a lot. Especially by next year, when the service will be in full form by then hopefully. Or at least in America. :)

    By the sounds of it as well, it looks like that Sony will be selling a standalone DualShock 3 controller which makes sense I suppose, although I am curious as to why not the DualShock 4. By making DualShock 4 more common and easily available, it might encourage more local PS4 gaming! Right? Right?! Well, one can dream.

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