Giving Away Project Spark Beta Key - Windows 8
  • I don't have Windows 8, so I'm giving away my Project Spark beta key. Here's the contents of the email, minus the key.

    Project Spark Beta Invitation


    Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the Project Spark Beta!


    We’re proud to have you onboard to
    help shape the future of Project Spark. This invitation gives you early
    access to Project Spark and exclusive access to our feedback forums. 


    Project Spark is an endless
    adventure where everything is customizable by you! Jump into the open
    world sandbox where you can create your own games, worlds, movies,
    stories and more. Then share them with your family, friends, and the


    -          Play what other players have made and take part in unlimited adventures.

    -          Make your own game while you play with the revolutionary Crossroads mode.

    -          Bend, shape, and mold your own worlds with sculpting and beautify your creations with painting and Biomes.

    -          Master the easy to use brain system to add behaviors to anything and bring your creations to life.


    It’s quick and easy to get started:

    1.      Make
    sure you are running Windows 8.1. If you haven’t updated from Windows 8
    to 8.1, you can do so for free via the Windows Store

    2.      Download the Project Spark Beta app on the Windows Store here.

    3.      Launch the Project Spark Beta App and log in with your Beta Key

    So, there's gonna be a little game to see who wants to snag this bad-boy. It's pretty simple. Write a four paragraph long post about what gaming means to you. Fun stuff. Let's get started!

  • i could use a beta key if its still available.
  • Before I write up said paragraphs, I wanted to check if you're even still doing this since it was a month ago now.

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