New Year's Resolutions
  • What is(are) your New Year's Resolution(s)? Doesn't have to be gaming related, of course. But I'm curious as to what my buddies here are planning to do in 2014?

    Here are mine: 

    1. Play my games. I spend far too much time on websites, forums, and whatever else and my backlog is continuing to grow. I want for myself to play the games I buy.

    2. Get a job. This will be my last semester and I'm a part time student at that. I want to be able to leave college with job security. Make it happen, me! 

    3. Keep going to the gym. I'm 99.999999% sure I will never stop, but I should throw it in there anyway.
  • @Slixshot The best thing you can do with your first job is to do a budget if you don't already have one to avoid lifestyle inflation. It's nice to have nice things and live well off but you can do it for a fraction of the price. Congrats on nearly finishing college and venturing out into the world! I'll give you a tour if you hop into this van here.

    I think resolutions are really interesting. Only 8% of people stick to them! The issue is that people don't break down large goals like 'lose weight' into achievable steps with a plan or timeline for it all to incrementally kick in.

    I haven't set any since 2010 and so I'll share with you guys what they were (even though its a little bit embarrassing and I don't think I achieved any of them):

    • Work less - I have worked more in 2013 than ever before. My early mornings are permeated with waking up with a tinge of stress and nervousness. Hopefully within the next quarter, all my work will have paid off and in 2014, I'll really get to sit back and enjoy myself a bit more. I haven't been on holiday in three years!
    • Spend more time with family - I did this in 2013! For every gathering, I've made it a point to attend even if I hate everything about it and everyone there. I sit there for the entire duration and talk to whoever. It's always aunt after aunt after uncle - all with wonderful life advice on how I'm not doing it right. They mean well and its fine. The surprise of all this persistence are the kids. They're turning out pretty alright with well adjusted heads and Pokemon parties stronger than mine despite the deep-seated insanity they come from.
    • Exercise (nearly) every day - I did this! I start with a half an hour cycle either at Olympic Park or on the machine at home. I then do an hour of awkward resistance flailing on a pink yoga mat. I have never had to eat so much (I'm hungry all the time!), had such a clear mind nor slept so well. There is a persistent strain on the body and its kind of like its telling you, 'hey, I'm right here!' I feel like a disembodied pair of eyes if I don't exercise. I am super, super proud of this because I don't think I've ever been this fit.
    • Learn how to play a musical instrument - Massive fail and one I won't be making again. I'll keep my peak of musicality to over the top karaoke renditions. I'd like to learn how to play the violin because I think its pretty but I know this just isn't going to happen.
    • (And for some reason in 2010 I had) Be more gay - Which I think I succeeded with. In the span of three years, I got gay married and then gay divorced so really, I don't think I can get anymore gay than that.

    I think fulfilling three out of five resolutions is bloody good. For 2014, I'm going to set the following:

    • Reign work back to 8 hour days, five days a week - I think I'm working harder rather than smarter and I'd like to sort myself out from being a haphazard calamity to one that's really on the ball. I make schedules that cut things way too close so I think I'm going to multiply every time allocation by three next time.
    • Exercise at minimum four days of the week, at least half an hour - I'm giving myself a lot of wiggle room with this but its the best thing I do for myself.
    • Get out of debt and have savings - I lived a hyper consumption life that was hugely inflated by virtue of the environment that I worked amongst and my immaturity. I racked up a huge credit card debt and have spent 2013 consistently paying it off. I'll get there in April and this will be my big lesson learnt. Never again. From all the personal finance books I've entrenched myself in (a highly recommendable venture), it seems like 6 months of living expenses saved, your first home, matched super annuation/index funds and minimising your every day expenses is the universal thing.
    • Go feed ducks at a pond - Just something that I want to spend a Sunday doing.

    I think I'll be able to do three of the four above for 2014! Woo~!
  • Don't really like to make New Years Resolutions, only because I set goals that are ridiculous and not to say they are not achievable, rather the goals I set end up overwhelming me.
    So this year I'll set some easier goals and take baby steps to greater things.

    1. Pay off my credit card/Loan debt.
    This has really gotten me in a position to where I had to take a break from school, because I just can't afford Tuition.

    2. Buy a car.
    Nothing fancy, but just something that'll last me a few good years for me to get me back on my feet. My car broke down last year, and it's been a bummer because I have had job opportunities that would have provided me with a substantial pay increase. But because I lack the transportation, I have had to deny those positions :(

    3. Stop buying games and Collectors editions.
    This is what has hurt me the most. My lack of self control has got me to spend a lot of money on things I don't need. But the collector and gamer in me screams out "I MUST have it"
    Now there are a few games I won't miss out like, persona 4 dancing all night, persona Q, Hatsune Miku Diva f on vita (might pass since I own 2 copies on ps3), and tales of xillia 2.

    4. Finish current game library
    I have purchased way too many games in 2013, but have yet to even play them. It's become a bad habit, so hopefully knock off a good percentage of unfinished or unplayed games.

    5. Eat healthier and get in shape
    Last year, I got some hard news to take in. September, Friday 13th, 2013, I found out I was HIV+, and I've been handling it quite well. And I'm glad I've had support to get through that first week. But it's time to grow up and take care of my body. I've neglected my health, and now I have to be serious. Who knows, maybe this will help better myself mentally. Plus dat nice body haha.

    6. Join more events in Austin.
    I've been cooped up in 2013, and I'm fed up. I've lived in Austin Texas for a good 7 years and have missed out on so much. Met someone last week who has showed me what exactly I have missed. Looking forward to the exciting festivals in the future.

    7. Buy a guitar or piano
    Music has always been something I loved. Which is why I rave about rhythm games. It introduces me to a lot of music I would have not even hear of in the states. Yea sure it's a bunch of weeaboo songs, but the rhythm game community has brought in many friends in my life. Newer arcade experiences, it has made my life a lot brighter.
    A lot of these songs have bits of piano or guitar. And I already have some piano experience, so having my own piano will enhance those skills. Eventually I'd love to have experience to more than just one instrument.

    8. Save money!
    Totally forgot about this one haha. But yes, getting myself financially stable is a big goal for me this year.

    And that's my list so far. I hope that 2014 is a bright one for everyone here on noobtoob.
  • Beat my FIFA 13 playtime in FIFA 14.
  • @SpaceOfSoul

    1. Have you looked at Playing with this helped me set out a realistic schedule to paying off all my debt. Although the avalanche method of paying off the biggest interest debts first is the most logical thing to do, I did the snowball method of paying off as many debts as possible regardless of interest just for that feeling of achievement and progress. It really helped me stick to it and develop the habit.

    2 and 3. Hey, if you private message me the email that you've got attached to an amazon account, I'll give you a book called 925 Ideas by a very successful COO named Devin D. Thorpe. It's like a master guide on how to do everything really well - pay off debts, shift lifestyle expectations, buy a car incrementally and actually be really fulfilled. It seems like one of those crap books you pick up for $1 in the bin (the cover is a bit dull) but I thought this was one of the more worthwhile reads of 2013 for myself. The whole gist of buying a vehicle in this book is you buy a crap, old Honda or Toyota that lasts forever with its minimal service cost and fuel efficiency. You pay it off and keep saving. You then sell that car, couple it with your savings and get a slightly better car. You keep driving it and saving until you sell that car, couple it with your savings and then onto the next one, upgrading incrementally and never being weighed down by large repayments for something that would do the same function. You earn your car and don't buy new (or something in general) until you can afford two of them because that's when you can really afford something. I don't know where you live because your profile is empty, but if a car is too expensive and immediate transportation is needed, why not get a motorcycle? I ride one every day.

    4. I think everyone here is guilty of that. I've got 40 games in my backlog. 40. What the actual fuck. There's this interesting idea of going on a shopping diet whereby for a whole month, you don't buy anything but order groceries/your essentials online. It's just a month so you can fore go it and apparently it'll really show what one can do without. This is expanded for shopping and every day consumption in general but I thought it was interesting for gaming. I go long periods without thinking about games so I don't think this would work as well on me as someone who looks at gaming website every day.

    5. There's a lot of stigma towards HIV and people need to get over their small minds. The friends that stick with you and persist despite the initial pull back are the keepers. I don't have it myself but have supported a handful of life+ events when they've happened. Those support groups are full of the most wonderful and considerate people and if you ever feel lonely (as with any niche) or want more support, I think its a worthwhile pursuit. We should start a healthy body thread!

    6. I think this goal should be instead 'attend one festival every quarter, totaling four for the year,' followed by a bit of a google search to see what there is in the various quarters. I would be happy to supportive in this bit by awaiting photos of the festival you go to and commenting on the attire people don on in the scenes - like each other.

    7 & 8. Yay!
  • @ SpaceOfSoul

    I'm sorry you have to go through that! I wish you the best of luck with all your goals.

    My goals for 2014:

    1. Go to grad school
    I'll be finishing undergrad this spring and really want to go to graduate school. I've been applying to graduate programs to (hopefully) start graduate school in the fall. I guess once the applications are in, this is either a go or no-go type of goal. I've already put nearly 1000 dollars into applying, hopefully it pays off.

    2. Learn banjo/piano and continue improving on the violin
    I really want to learn to play the banjo and the piano. I bought a 5-string banjo at some point during the year, but I've been quite busy and haven't put in really any time learning to play it. I really intend to mess around with it this year. I also really want to learn to play the piano, even if only at a really basic level. I've actually signed up for a 1 credit piano class at school. I also would love to get better at the violin. I recently picked it back up after about a ten year break, and have been playing a little more than a year. I absolutely love it, and joined the college's string ensemble this past semester. (I highly recommend the violin Sloth, but I might be biased!)

    3. Work on health
    I've always dealt with a lot of anxiety problems and low confidence. Although it's not something you just get rid of, I've been working on trying to not get as caught up in over-thinking things or being a perfectionist. As weird as it is, I get a lot of anxiety with using the phone. I end up I've been a lot better this past year, and hope to continue bein' chill this next year as well. B)
    Also, start exercising more. I used to be into running, and would run 50-60 miles a week, but got lyme's disease and ended up quitting a couple years into college when my muscles starting seizing up. Now I don't ever exercise and should try to get back into working out at least a few times.

    4. Relax more
    This can probably be related to health, but I've really pushed myself these past years at college. I'd really like to relax more, hang out with friends, play more videogames (I've been really slacking here :P), and maybe even going out and trying new things.

    5. Read more
    I've really really been slacking here. I'd like to read more for academic reasons, but also just for enjoyment as well. 

  • It's time to get shit together I think I haven't touched a Gym for about 4 months now so I guess the first thing is getting my lazy arse back to the gym. All I have done for the last 4 months is laze around eating shit and playing games. I think 3 sessions a week. Is a good start.

    Also work. I have been in the same job for what. God 7 years. It's time for a change. I hate it. I want a new job, a new career something I can be proud of.

    I think that's pretty much it oh and no alcohol. This is pretty much a yearly thing. I always drink to excess over Xmas and New Year so every January is a drink free month. Ending in a big binge early February for a friends birthday.
  • 1. Make an effort to get in shape.

    2. Reread A Song of Ice and Fire.

    3. Catch them all.

    4. Don't give up on my youtube channel.
  • Thanks @sloth and @MissScooter!
    I left a comment on your activity feed, since I can't find the darn pm button on my phone.
    And yes, I do wish to join a support group. But my financial issues come first. Once I get that cleared, I can breathe a little and branch out a bit.
    I look forward to reading 925 ideas. :)

    As for a motorcycle, I've actually considered it. Only thing is, I fear them haha. Everyone I know that owns a motorcycle, has been in terrible accidents.

    And knowing me, I'm going to be stupid and clumsy when driving one and get myself hurt or killed. And I can't add more medical bills to my debt...
  • 1. Hopefully that'll be the best $1,000+ that you've spent. :)
    2. Why a banjo? The trouble with the violin is getting lessons scheduled. I'm not being efficient enough with my time to find the slot for it.
    3. Hey you, I don't really know you but from the way you post and what you're trying to do, I think you're awesome. Hopefully one person that thinks you're awesome is a bit of a confidence booster there. I think running and especially runner's high is the healthiest thing you can do. All you need is a pair of shoes and off you go. If you want to keep us updated on your running goal, I'll make sure to reply to every bit you put up and I'm sure everybody else will too.
    4. What sort of new things did you want to try?
    5. What sort of books were you thinking about reading? I'll pick one of them up and we can egg each other on to both read more.

    Gym: Post pics!
    Job: What do you do and what would you like to do?
    Alcohol: I've been sober for pretty much a year now. Maybe a beer at whatever barbecue that I spend the entire time holding onto. It's been really hard with how drink-centric we've become. It was hardest at a family gathering because my kin make me want to drown myself in liquor from their incessant nagging.

    1. Woo.
    2. YES.
    3. YES. ME TOO. Well, I'm going for all 250 in HeartGold even though I have X sitting there. Less Pokemon mean a more achievable goal. :P
    4. What is your YouTube channel? Post a link up!

    Hopefully you'll enjoy the book. Keep me updated as to what you think. It could be completely your cup of tea but I think the very act of picking up a book about something is a monumental first step; after all, how often do we pick up new books?

    With motorcycle safety, it's a huge responsibility. You have to ride like you're invisible because even if somebody else stuffs up, you don't want to be in that situation. Even with lots of caution, I've still slipped and pissed myself many an occasion with traffic. I think if you got like a second hand Toyota or something that's similarly priced and efficient to run, you could end up only paying only a fraction more and have a roof over your head in the rain.
  • @sloth

    I was going to make a post about my channel once i finish my current Minecraft series (I got one more episode to record) and I start something new. So hopefully within a week as long as school doesn't take up too much time.
  • @sloth you want pictures if my gym?

    Been twice this week was gonna go today but my nan wanted to take me and my sister out for a meal. Turned out to be to Maccie D. Oops.

    I work in retail at the minute. Not my most favourable vocation. Job search starts later today.

    As for the drinking it's not been too hard so far. Staying in at weekends and such but a friend comes back from afghan later in the month and I can see him wanting a big night out on his return.
  • I dont make them but i do plan on using the treadmill. And also fixing up the house because the back rooms are all unfinished.
    And i think i will watch less tv and play more games.
    And the most important one...drink more and use less salt.

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