New Year's Resolutions
  • Don't really like to make New Years Resolutions, only because I set goals that are ridiculous and not to say they are not achievable, rather the goals I set end up overwhelming me.
    So this year I'll set some easier goals and take baby steps to greater things.

    1. Pay off my credit card/Loan debt.
    This has really gotten me in a position to where I had to take a break from school, because I just can't afford Tuition.

    2. Buy a car.
    Nothing fancy, but just something that'll last me a few good years for me to get me back on my feet. My car broke down last year, and it's been a bummer because I have had job opportunities that would have provided me with a substantial pay increase. But because I lack the transportation, I have had to deny those positions :(

    3. Stop buying games and Collectors editions.
    This is what has hurt me the most. My lack of self control has got me to spend a lot of money on things I don't need. But the collector and gamer in me screams out "I MUST have it"
    Now there are a few games I won't miss out like, persona 4 dancing all night, persona Q, Hatsune Miku Diva f on vita (might pass since I own 2 copies on ps3), and tales of xillia 2.

    4. Finish current game library
    I have purchased way too many games in 2013, but have yet to even play them. It's become a bad habit, so hopefully knock off a good percentage of unfinished or unplayed games.

    5. Eat healthier and get in shape
    Last year, I got some hard news to take in. September, Friday 13th, 2013, I found out I was HIV+, and I've been handling it quite well. And I'm glad I've had support to get through that first week. But it's time to grow up and take care of my body. I've neglected my health, and now I have to be serious. Who knows, maybe this will help better myself mentally. Plus dat nice body haha.

    6. Join more events in Austin.
    I've been cooped up in 2013, and I'm fed up. I've lived in Austin Texas for a good 7 years and have missed out on so much. Met someone last week who has showed me what exactly I have missed. Looking forward to the exciting festivals in the future.

    7. Buy a guitar or piano
    Music has always been something I loved. Which is why I rave about rhythm games. It introduces me to a lot of music I would have not even hear of in the states. Yea sure it's a bunch of weeaboo songs, but the rhythm game community has brought in many friends in my life. Newer arcade experiences, it has made my life a lot brighter.
    A lot of these songs have bits of piano or guitar. And I already have some piano experience, so having my own piano will enhance those skills. Eventually I'd love to have experience to more than just one instrument.

    8. Save money!
    Totally forgot about this one haha. But yes, getting myself financially stable is a big goal for me this year.

    And that's my list so far. I hope that 2014 is a bright one for everyone here on noobtoob.
  • Beat my FIFA 13 playtime in FIFA 14.
  • It's time to get shit together I think I haven't touched a Gym for about 4 months now so I guess the first thing is getting my lazy arse back to the gym. All I have done for the last 4 months is laze around eating shit and playing games. I think 3 sessions a week. Is a good start.

    Also work. I have been in the same job for what. God 7 years. It's time for a change. I hate it. I want a new job, a new career something I can be proud of.

    I think that's pretty much it oh and no alcohol. This is pretty much a yearly thing. I always drink to excess over Xmas and New Year so every January is a drink free month. Ending in a big binge early February for a friends birthday.
  • 1. Make an effort to get in shape.

    2. Reread A Song of Ice and Fire.

    3. Catch them all.

    4. Don't give up on my youtube channel.
  • Thanks @sloth and @MissScooter!
    I left a comment on your activity feed, since I can't find the darn pm button on my phone.
    And yes, I do wish to join a support group. But my financial issues come first. Once I get that cleared, I can breathe a little and branch out a bit.
    I look forward to reading 925 ideas. :)

    As for a motorcycle, I've actually considered it. Only thing is, I fear them haha. Everyone I know that owns a motorcycle, has been in terrible accidents.

    And knowing me, I'm going to be stupid and clumsy when driving one and get myself hurt or killed. And I can't add more medical bills to my debt...
  • @sloth you want pictures if my gym?

    Been twice this week was gonna go today but my nan wanted to take me and my sister out for a meal. Turned out to be to Maccie D. Oops.

    I work in retail at the minute. Not my most favourable vocation. Job search starts later today.

    As for the drinking it's not been too hard so far. Staying in at weekends and such but a friend comes back from afghan later in the month and I can see him wanting a big night out on his return.
  • I dont make them but i do plan on using the treadmill. And also fixing up the house because the back rooms are all unfinished.
    And i think i will watch less tv and play more games.
    And the most important one...drink more and use less salt.

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