What have you done while NooBTooB was down?
  • Well, NooBTooB went down right about the time I finished my school exams, which was right about the start of summer. 

    Since then, I've been accepted into my local city's IT, doing a software development course.

    I've sharpened my writing skills, especially when writing formally.

    I had great inspiration to start drawing because I love looking at artwork and I want to make some myself! I'm really starting from scratch here though.

    My taste in music broadened I think, I listened to a lot of trip hop (Nujabes in particular) over my last year of school which helped to calm my nerves. Might've broadened too much beacause since then I've even started to like pop music. x)

    Joined NeoGAF to fill in the forum void, but took ages for my account to be validated so that I could post. Totally different beast to NooBTooB though. Got slightly more active over at the Destructoid forums as well.

    Lost my passion to learn any new songs for piano, hopefully I'll get some of it back over the holidays.

    Got a tablet and as a result have read a boat load of manga! Wasn't really a fan of manga until I got my tablet, but I love them now. Read the entirety of Berserk, Vagabond (both of which are still ongoing) and Gantz (which is finished). Three incredibly good manga, especially Berserk, Vagabond was a bit slow at times but really awesome nonetheless, Gantz I thought was actually just a bit above average throughout, but that final arc was just glorious. GLORIOUS.

    Now reading Sugar Dark as I felt like reading something short. :P Also been reading Uzumaki on the side and that story is just toooooooo eff'd up. It's only like 20 chapters so I thought I'd be finished it in no time, but I've only read about 7 chapters, it's so uncomfortable to read, but I want to know WHY, so I want to finish it.

    That's about it really, getting accustomed to college life/timetables took a while, the semester was tough and I'm glad to be on holidays now. And that NooBTooB is back! :)

    So what about you guys?

  • Here's my list:

    • Graduated from college and got a full-time job as a healthcare investigator (have had it for a year and love it)
    • Went on a road trip to Minnesota in 2012
    • Got my driver's license on my brother's birthday
    • Got my own credit card
    • Got a PS3 with The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and the Uncharted games
    • Went shooting with my dad for the first time; I fired a SIG P220, a Glock, a semi-automatic rifle and an M1 Garand

    Expect more to come in 2014.
  • -Paid off my student loans

    -Paid off my car

    -Got a new roommate

    -Got back into writing, submitted some short stories to contests

    -Registered to take a writing class next year

    -Planned a 9 day trip to England where I'll be hanging out with some fellow NTers, will be leaving in a couple weeks

    -Spent some time watching the sunset and watching the night sky

    -Watched a lot of Whose Line is it Anyways? while drunk late at night

    -Found myself a bit

  • Thought I saw you over on GAF FirLocke. I'm busy working on something with them behind the scenes.

    I got a lot of promotions at work. I'm really happy there.
  • Managed to finish university, which is not bad considering I dropped out at one stage. Now I'm aiming to do teacher training and be a qualified teacher by 2015.

    " @GoodEnoughForMe Planned a 9 day trip to England where I'll be hanging out with some fellow NTers, will be leaving in a couple weeks."

    This involves me; among others. 

    It just goes to show that although the site was not around, Noobtoobers still stayed in contact.
  • Man, i also went to NeoGaf for my forum needs xD.

    Since the last time Noobtoob was up, i started working professionally, so that's a first for me,

    Apart from that, not much more.

    • Started getting more serious with game development stuff. Got my first project Greenlit, and it now has its own page on the Steam Store. Now to await release.
    • Moved into an apartment in the city.
    • Nothing really exciting.
  • @Manio Getting your first project Greenlit on Steam isn't exciting?! Tell us about your game man! I'd be ecstatic if I got a game going.
  • @FirLocke I sadly left the team a few months back to pursue a more solo approach in game design. Here's the page though.

    [Click Here]
  • @keihart I'm still waiting for you to finish this! http://i.minus.com/jFuxfov5yohJ8.jpg
  • I masturbated. Often. And with gusto. 

    And pursued a new hobby in the form of kiln art.

    One of the above is not true.

  • I bought a lot of games that I've never played. I focus too much on games like Pokemon.
  • @Dr Flibble Oh how I missed you. :) Did you happen to grace any other forums while NT was down?

    @SatanicJesus What kind of games did you buy? If it's a certain genre, we may be able to recommend even more games to broaden your horizons. :)
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  • I been gone for around, 2-3 years? Give or take? Has it really been that long? Honestly I feel like I should be shot on sight. "AWOL Sandata found, members told to shoot on sight make final vote whether to take the shot or not." Hahaha...ha....ahem.

    To be honest I have done rarely anything. In the time that this page has been down I really have not done much. I have however learned quite a lot in this span of time that I been gone.

    My content on Youtube is worthless. In the sense that I bring nothing but the basic fan boy "Let's make a LP of a game." This is really sad since I was bringing one of the few LP for a game called Battle Clash. Honestly I feel like this game needs a poplar person to bring it out. For goodness sake not even Super Smash Brothers Super Scope item is enough to get people into it. I feel like redoing it, and studying what makes a Let's Play good. Because I really think its a great game that just had a nutty controller for it.

    I feel I understand my faults more. I still struggle to complete things. Many of times I would start projects and then I would easily fall behind. I still don't know how to fix this problem but I do fully understand it and what damage it can really cause. Again I feel like I should be punished for the amount of times that I failed people here and people on an other forum. I also understand a bit more on how I act and react. I also think I understand why people argue and why problems are on the Internet at lest. I feel....in DnD terms I feel Lawful Neutral if that makes any sense.

    Ignoring the whole youtube problem right now, I been wanting to finish more games. But I struggle to stick to one at a time. I feel lucky that I was able to FINALLY finish Earthbound this year in early February. Kid Icrius on the 3DS. I beat an OTHER Pokemon game which brings my total to....two. cough. I'm way behind and I thought doing LP's was a way to do it but it took a bit of more time than my mind and body was willing to spend. Maybe I should just get a capture card, stream it, record it, and go from there? Ill have the files already then I can talk about it. It's hard for me to finish things even if their simple games. I hate it.

    I...been watching the videos that NoobToob made lately. The first Brawl tournament, TBGBB videos, and I think I watched a updated PAX video. I miss being part of something. Playing alone on my PS3 and trying to beat Borderlands 2 even once was so difficult. I miss being useful. I want to be useful I just couldn't trust my self with projects and I still don't.

    So ya I don't know much about what's change or even if I should have done this but hey I hope those that worked hard for those who stayed get the best thanks and wishes. Hey, maybe I'll start Riddles again. So many Indie games I could use now. But hey...I do miss the fun. It was...it was great.
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  • @Sandata Well, welcome back man! :) Sounds like you found yourself there a little bit. What I hear about doing LP's is that it's a lot harder and time consuming than you might have thought it would've been if you want to take it seriously, and that it takes a lot of time to get used commenting and playing at the same time. And that fans come slowly. And that you really have to find it fun yourself to succeed. But hey, just play what you want to play and get involved where you want to get involved.

    Good luck to you my friend. :)
  • Here's what I've done in the past year: 

    1. I have my first "official' girlfriend. I mean, I have hooked up with a bunch of people before, but never really got into anything serious. Finally found someone I don't want to just do sexual things with, but someone I love to talk to about anything and everything. She's really special to me.

    2. Put on 20 lbs of MUSCLE! Two years ago I would run 16 miles a day, every day. I did that for a full year, missing exactly 5 days. My feet were a mess, I was miserable, and I would barely eat on top of all that. I weighed 125 lbs, which I had weighed when I was 13. I had somewhat of an eating disorder due to my chubby childhood and I was afraid of putting the weight back on. The following year was the year that noobtoob was down. I had moved into a new building at my school with ROTC people (dudes who are trained for the army and stuff). These guys knew what they were doing when it came to working out, but I would still run and run despite their advice. One day, I said "fuck it, if they can do what they do and look fantastic and I'm not seeing that great of results, I've gotta make some changes." and then I did. I started eating more, I cut down on the cardio to about 4 miles a day, and I dedicate the rest of my workout to muscle mass. Now I love working out and my job after college is actually going to be in that field :D

    3. Joined Neogaf. I love it, maybe more than reddit. It's a great community that often makes me laugh, although noobtoob is definitely more personal. 

    4. Senior in college. Yup, almost done.

    5. Bought a PS4, Wii U, 3DS, and a Vita. Still have a ps3 and my computer. 

    That about sums it up!
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  • And, we also scored a cool voice-actor for my game. Points to whoever can guess who the Elijah character is.

    [Click Here]
  • Not sure of the exact dates but i am pretty sure i never mentioned i bought a house.

    Then i picked up a hot tub for the yard.

    Then i picked up a vita.(yeah you can only go down after you buy a house)

    Then i worked alot. Well not just then...the whole time i worked alot but besides that i watched a bit of tv and played a bit of some games.

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