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  •  - UPDATE 23/June/2014 -

    All of the themed weeks will be listed at the top of the opening post. :)

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    - UPDATE 15/May/2014 -

    So, I felt like changing this thread to allow for all music, instead of just video game music. Don't worry, I'll still feature plenty of video game music, and the rules still apply: You can request anything, I'll take it into consideration to feature it for a week and we'll see what happens! Themed weeks don't have to be about video games anymore either. Discussion is of course still encouraged, tell me what you think of the music, whether you liked it or not, and post some stuff that you like sometimes too. :)

    Much like the phenomenal Rate the Game Soundtrack Above You thread, even just a rating with a small comment is welcomed!

    Why did I change the thread, you ask? Well, because I felt like it.


    Alright people, with the return of the NooBTooB forum, I've decided to start this daily thing where I post a new song so that you'll have something new to see/hear everyday! :)

    How it goes: I post a new song every day and of course, discussion is encouraged about that song or the game it's from, and if you want to post more songs from that game, you're absolutely welcome to.

    Themed weeks are also a thing I'll probably be doing and if you want to request a certain game/series, you're free to request all you want. :)

    Also, any songs are allowed as long as they somewhat relate to the game. Any covers, remixes, arrangements are welcomed.

    Now, let's begin!

    23 - Dec - 2013

    I know Kickle Cubicle has some fond NooBTooB memories surrounding it, so I thought it's only fitting to start with that. :) I can't say it's the catchiest thing in the world, but hey, it's memorable!
  • My god it sounds like NES bit tunes through broken headphones.
  • 24 - Dec - 2013

    Hey, it's nearly Christmas! In fact, it's the eve! Party~
  • 25 - Dec - 2013

    Happy Christmas everyone!
  • 26 - Dec - 2013

    It's St. Stephen's Day! Relax, take it easy, maybe this will help clear your mind. :)
  • 27 - Dec - 2013

    Time for some zen synth. 
  • Well, it's a day late, but I wanted to share this guy's cover of Snow Mountain from Super Mario 64 (Snow Mountain, Bob-omb Battlefield, and Slider are all different variations of the same melody actually)

    This guy is a ragtime musician.  He's given piano transcriptions of video game tunes that are ragtime-ish or can be turned into ragtime.  He's never heard any of these tunes, so it's always neat to hear his more musical take on these video game tunes.

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  • Tom Brier is just legendary. Truly an inspiration for someone like me who always wants to improve my sight reading skills. That man an so skilled it's crazy!

    28 - Dec - 2013

    How about some smooth, soooooooft jazz? Apparently, this music is used while exploring a dungeon. Wouldn't mind some of that myself.
  • 29 - Dec - 2013

    Miracle of Sound is a really cool music channel I discovered last night. I think you guys might find it cool too. :)
  • 30 - Dec - 2013

    Here's an oddball song for you guys! I like this one far too much more than I should, it's a bloody guilty pleasure. So awkward it's good. 

    Anyway, I decided that as it's the last week of the year, I wanted to mostly focus on some chillaxing music. For the beginning of 2014, we'll be kicking it off with some energy and rock music! :)
  • 31 - Dec - 2013

    Here it is, the last song for 2013. Here's to 2014. :)
  • 1 - Jan - 2014 (Beginning of Rock Week)

    Happy New Year folks! Let's start it rocking!
  • 2 - Jan - 2014

    I did this post in my head, but I nearly didn't do it in actuality. Close call there! Eh, such are the Rules of Nature.
  • 3 - Jan - 2014

    I didn't know Call of Duty had good music sometimes! :)
  • 4 - Jan 2014

    This is a looooooooong'un but it gets me hella pumped when the song gets going!
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  • 5 - Jan - 2014

    I've never played a Guilty Gear game, and I'm on the midnight hype train for this game!
  • 6 - Jan - 2014

    Out of the many, many 600 A.D remixes and arrangements there are, this one sticks with me the most and it's one of my favourites. :)
  • 7 - Jan - 2014 (End of Rock Week)

    LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! God Xenoblade OST is so goooood <3 End of rock week, so it's only fitting!
  • 8 - Jan - 2014

    The sexiest Dark World? The sexiest Dark World.
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  • 9 - Jan - 2014

    From the man who composed The Stanley Parable's soundtrack, Blake Robinson! The Synthetic Orchestra continues being awesome. Also makes me want to play Stanley even more than I already do.
  • 10 - Jan - 2014

    I want to play Hearthstone soooooooooo much! I hope my key arrives soon! Although it's been a while already....
  • 11 - Jan- 2014

    Love this group so much, I believe the translation of their name is "In my opinion", although I'm not 100% sure. Nonetheless, their cover of Fisherman's Horizon is simply one of the best. :)
  • 12 - Jan - 2014

    A marvellous piece of music. Really, I can't say anything else.
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  • 13 - Jan- 2014

    If I had an Xbox One, this would be my most played game for sure! ~Killer~ soundtrack, eh?

    .....I'll let myself out.
  • 14 - Jan - 2014

    Extended version because this is great music to have in background while thinking/working. Enjoy!
  • 15 - Jan - 2014

    I'm surprised that this is my first OCRemix post! So much good stuff, I didn't know where to start. Anyway, enjoy some lovely panning at the intro! :)

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