I'm back NoobToob
  • well I'm back here. Yeah it looks different but I'm glad to be back. After having g4 close down after ten years trying other gaming sites like IGN or GameFAQs I had forgotten about this place until I saw on facebook a post about how the forums are back. I remember loving noobtoob back in the day I would watch new episodes every wednesday and I remember  doing some of few "noobshops" of Tobin and Yuzo back in the day I would be so happy when Tobin and Yuzo would show them in the video or see my name in NoobToob rewind video credits.

    I might do written reviews again(maybe re doing some of my old ones)
  • Welcome back!

    Glad to see members coming back :)
  • Ha, I remember your handle and shoops.  Welcome back!

  • Hello friends, i am a new member on your board from au.
  • Must before my time, welcome!

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