Random Episode Ideas?
  • Hey all,

    I just wanted to get a rough idea from folks what you'd like to see if we ever make a random episode next year.  No promises on timing, but Tobin comes to Seattle occasionally for work so if timing works out we may pump out an ep if we can.

    One thing we could do is cover the games we've been playing over the past 2-3 months or so, and talk about what we're excited about that's coming out in the next 2-3 months.  We could also do a best of 2013 but that might be pretty stale if we're only able to meet in Feb/Mar.  Any other ideas?

  • You should do a skit about your 2013 game of the year. It doesn't have to be well produced or have a lot of post-editing, I think seeing you two goof off and laugh is entertainment enough.

    That format seems great to me.
  • Game Of The Year would be a neat little thing to do, even if it's a skit.
  • Any kind of episode would be cool
  • Yeah seeing you two do another episode would be amazing no matter what it is. Maybe just talk about what the stand out games have been for you since the last time you two were on screen together and then a small section for games you are looking forward to in the future.
  • I agree with the other guys... anything would be great!

    Maybe rather than anything formal like game of the year, you could pick some of your favourite games of 2013, and a few to thoroughly dump on too ;)
  • Forget catch up, forget GOTY, whatever you have passion for is what we want.  Hopefully Tobin has not become an adult during the hiatus.  We want the swearing, drinking twelve year-olds we fell in love with.
  • I'd love to see a episode where you guys just talk about games you've been playing and are looking forward to. It'd probably be good for providing material and recency. Any episode would be great though.
  • Whatever you guys think is fun to do, as long as you guys have fun, we do too. <3

    Highlights/GOTY 2013 would be cool. Next gen thoughts of course as well, most anticipated next year - all standard stuff you could do, but really, just anything. MOAR NOOBTOOB <3
  • ditto to what everyone is saying. anything you two guys put up will be good enough to calm our thirst for more noobtoob ;). you could talk about the best and worst games you have been playing since the last time you recorded. 
  • Thanks for the feedback all.  The main takeaways I'm getting is that we should just do our thing and not really force ourselves to talk about stuff we aren't that interested in just because they were "big" games, or whatever.

    Whenever we chat we've mainly been talking about mobile/indie games that we've enjoyed so there might be a lot of that if we ever get together next year.

    And to the guy who gave me Super Hexagon on steam, damn you.  What a crazy addictive game and now I need the iOS version.

  • That would be great Yuzo :). Your get togethers are so rare that it would be a real shame to turn them into a chore!
  • Maybe you guys can give your thoughts on the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One, 
    I feel like a "worst game bought" section would be fun also. should be easy if you buy a lot of random modile games. :P

    Also, welcome back.
  • Unfortunately that'd be a little one-sided since Tobin doesn't have any of 'em yet :).

    But yeah, there's a few stinkers out there that might be fun to chat about.  We'll see.  I think he'll be coming to Seattle this month but I'll also be heading to Boston for a week so I'm hopeful that we'll be in the same place at the same time.

  • I'd like to know how you guys are consuming games nowadays. I know you mentioned on the last episode you'd been playing a lot of indie games. Where are you at with consoles? or are you mainly digital on PC? what about portables? Has Tobin completed a JRPG is the last few years? What do you think of current triple A offering and trends? That kind of stuff :).
  • I prefer to hear about the worst games you guys have played. Even more interesting since its not planned for the show.
  • OMG Tobin does not have the new consoles! I know there ain't much out there, but for a guy who made umpteen videos in gaming and works in gaming this is disappointing. How will it feel valid when he tipsily disses them at high volume?
  • I cannot bare the thought of validating any of Tobin's tipsy disses; consoles owned or not.

    Those crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass, crass analogies. Haha! :P
  • Any news on when an episode might occur?  I encourage lying if the truth is too pessimistic.
  • Your kid could probably co-host by now right? :D
  • No news yet, it's all dependent on travel plans and whether we can meet while he's in Seattle.  Sadly my basement has flooded so we don't really have a good place to film yet which makes things a bit complicated.

    Haven't been able to game much lately due to all of the home improvement needs, but I'm excited to get a 3DS XL soon and play some New Yoshi's Island.  The 3DS Zelda was amazing.

  • Flooding sucks, replacing the furnace, throwing out your stuff, all after waking up and wondering if your home is actually sinking...

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