Forums restored, NooBTooB 2014
  • Dear all, 
    The previous server and forum system encountered severe issues and it has taken this long to unfuck, repair, salvage and sort everything out. The critical point was to not lose our eight years of discussion and that's been achieved. 

    The blog entries did not make it but I will spend more time on the old server manually copying and pasting it all so that those who put in the effort, do not see it disappear. I'll private message out compiled word documents soon (tm). 

    I know that NooBTooB does not get as many visitors as when the show was broadcasted weekly however it would be nice to have a site that perseveres and is somewhere that you can always come back to.

    So welcome back and feel free to post any feedback regarding the new site. Queries can go here or to, including account recoveries. There's a bit of work ahead with it but we've got all the time in the world.

  • Thanks Sloth
    Noobied by 1Raytest
  • Awesome it's great to be back
  • Oh wow. This is some sort of Christmas miracle. It feels weird to be back here. Hopefully the forum can return to its former glory. Haha. It's nice to be back though. Great job Sloth! :)
  • Wow, thanks Sloth. I don't want to imagine the amount of work this takes...
  • Juicy, juicy.
  • I want my Noobies back.
  • @MailToad what if I gave you boobies instead?
  • @sloth moobies don't count
  • I wish I knew how to get an avatar rocking on these forums :(
  • Oh yesterday i couldn't log in, great to be back
  • Good to be back! My last post before today was over a year ago!

  • Thank you so much Sloth! It's fantastic to be back :D
  • Don't know how many times I've clicked the NT bookmark icon in my toolbar over the passed few months hoping to see this :).
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • YAY! Its finally back! :D
  • I'm actually surprised to see how many people have come back to visit. It warms my heart :)
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • I'm back too! ;)
  • @Manio I've fixed the avatars issue and you should all be able to upload at most a 2mb avatar.
    Noobied by 1vampirelich
  • made an account a while back...but never really used it. maybe now that the forums are starting up again, it would be a good time to jump in :)
  • Thank you Sloth. Much appreciated!
  • Thanks sloth! Though I was not a frequent forum member, I enjoyed reading others opinions on games. The community here is great.
    Glad to have the forum back.
  • I've amended this thread's opening post to include that we can restore and recover any accounts that people may not have access to. What I do is I go off of the email that's specified (you'll have to guess) and then I email the password resetter out. This is an automated process built into the site but you can email me at if this doesn't work. Sometimes there are little typos and you need a human to connect the dots and use a bit of common sense.

    Welcome back everyone. I'm glad you're all back. Make sure you fill out your profiles with all your gaming details. Only other members can see them and so they won't show up in search engines or anywhere else. This way you won't get spammed but can still connect with other NooBTooBers.
  • Just realised that wasn't working. I hope not too many people have emailed me. :S
  • At first the email worked fine, but after trying to login is said "Permission denied."

    I'm glad I was able to login and didn't want to change my username.
  • Hey Sloth,

    When browsing the site on a tablet/smartphone there's a problem with posting. I try to click the space where you're typing up your post, but the keyboard goes up for a second and then goes back down and does not stay up.
    Noobied by 1sloth

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