EA's E3 2013 Presentation Discussion
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    Moday June 10th, 2013
    4 PM EST

    Electronic Arts plans to burst onto the next generation scene with their new engine named the Ignite Engine. We saw Ea's presence at Microsoft's conference, yet not at Sony's. Talks of exclusive deals involoving EA and MS have been floating around, so E3 could be the place for them to hit us any big news.

    Are you a fan of EA's sports games? Are you hoping that they show off any other sort of games besides their sports titles? Are you intrigued by the Ignite engine? Let the community know your thoughts below!
  • Battlefront <3<br />
    I didn't have a gigantic boner like some people for Battlefront, and Battlefront 2. But in the hands of DICE I can probably guess it'll be good. Plus, I do love me some Star Wars.
  • Mirror's Edge 2 and Battlefront announcements made my day.

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