GOTY Announced for Western Release
  • This year's GOTY awards and polls came to a quick and calm ending before they even began, with all gaming journalist outlets and fans agreeing that at this point, no further game reviewing or voting is needed, now that the game of the year will be coming to NA and Europe.

    "Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F has been confirmed for a western release. The Crypton Future Media, Inc title will be made available in North America on PS3 and PSN and in Europe on PSN. It’s the first console game in the rhythm action franchise to release in the west, and it will include all the updated graphics, additional songs and features of the Japanese version. It releases June 11 in the US and June 12 in Europe."*

    * It is actually releasing in August, the demo is in June.

    At press time, Saints Row IV was reportedly put on indefinite hold, as Deep Silver did not think they could compete with sales of Project Diva.