Venture Brothers Season 5
  • The first episode of season 5 just aired, and it was just crazy good. That show just gets weirder and denser all the time. Do not start on season 5, season 1 is still good and sets the stage. This show just builds on the strange characters it introduces. Who would have thought Sgt. Hatred would turn into a central character? The most promising thing about the show is that it is trying to evolve. The central premise at the start was so good, Johny Quest gone horribly horribly wrong, that I thought it would just be a sitcom, never changing that formula. They are trying to have the boys grow up. 21 may be the most compelling character now, and don't think they have even made up their minds where to take him. Who knows how much we will see of Brock. Community is a great show, but it does not seem to progress, when you start that weird and self-referential, it can be hard to go anywhere. Venture Brothers feels like it's moving, which is hard to do in a show this deliberately strange. Seeing the Quiz Boy set, and knowing all that that entails, is strangely rewarding as a viewer.