(XBLA) Hunter's Trophy 2: America | Review by Manio
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    Developer: Kylotonn Entertainment
    Publisher: Bigben Interactive
    Release Date: 5/17/2013
    Price: 800 MSP ($10)

    "Experience all the excitement of the hunt in America! From brown bear to elk, track 25 different preys in this hunting simulation set in the most beautiful countryside of the USA. Complete 30 hunting plans, play as your hunting dog during tracking phases and take on a friend in Ball-Trap mode!"
    Hunter's Trophy 2: America is a hunting game/shooter developed by Kylotonn Entertainment, and published by Bigben Interactive. It was released on May 17th, 2013 for 800 MS Points on the Xbox Live Arcade.

    The game is what you could expect from any run of the mill hunting game. You explore different environments, hunting down game, and completing the level, except it has some differences I've never seen before with this genre, and it feels kind of...off.

    This is because instead of actually wandering around and looking for prey/game, you have to complete these atrociously boring mini-games which take you to the prey, and reveal them on the map (if you don't do the mini-game, the prey won't actually be in the level). The mini-games mainly consist of finding the animal's tracks, and following them to either the animal, or another set of mini-games. The second mini-game is finding animal dung, and having to use your dog companion to follow a red scent trail towards either an animal, or another mini-game.

    When first starting the game up, and realizing I had a hunting dog I thought, "Man, that's really cool!" but it just turns out to be a boring, frustrating addition to the game. When you find a piece of dung, you call the dog over to smell it, and begin tracking the animal. This is when you take control of the dog, and have to follow a red trail (the animal's scent) which if you don't follow it fast enough it vanishes, which seems realistic but the environment is really jagged, and you can get stuck on just about any piece of environment, making this a boring, frustrating mechanic. I just wanted a normal hunting game where I could travel through these environments on my own, and actually hunt. Not play mini-games.


    The hunting doesn't take much skill either. The animals usually stand still when you find them, and they won't charge you, attack you, or anything. There isn't any danger when playing the game, unless if you scare the animal off, in which you have to complete the entire level over. This is because the animals aren't already spawned into the levels, and you have to do those mini-games which often there's only as many as your bag limit. Scare one animal off, and you're better off starting the level over.

    Instead of the animal moving to a new location, it is completely removed from the level after being scared. It eventually makes the game not fun, and feels like a chore when playing. The only real bit of hunting I really encountered in the game was killing the "Pests". Each level you play usually has an animal called the pest, in which a large amount of these animals run about, and you can kill them to gain extra points at the end of the hunt, and they seem to be infinite numbers, and this actually feels like real hunting, opposed to the main aspect of the game. It's sad because I actually was more entertained with the game by hunting down, and removing these pests (usually contain Racoons, Muskrats, Foxes, Coyotes, etc)

    Another painful part of the game is the bird hunting. This has to be the most stressful, and boring aspect to a videogame I have ever seen. You walk into these areas, and have to flush the birds out from their hiding place and kill them as they fly off the ground. Sure, it's realistic and all (grew up in a hunting & fishing family) but it's not this boring in real life. The thing that makes this game isn't the actual "Hunting" aspect, but it's the guns you use for these hunts are horribly inaccurate, and the flush points tend to be in the worst of spots, and the worst part is one of these eventually turns into a "on-rails level" and I can't say anything good about that. Add in horrible mechanics, with boring on-rails and you have the end product of that level.


    It's a shame too that this game is this stale, and blatantly un-fun. I really loved hunting games as a child, and this is the first one I've picked up in about 10 years. I'd like to say maybe some of the hardcore, hunting game fans might like this game, but the fact that it's so boring can really be a turn off for anyone. Tracker's may like this game more than hunters as there seems to be more of a tracking aspect to this game then actual hunting.

    I went into this game with medium expectations, and wasn't let down all that much. Visually though, the game looks good for an arcade release, albeit the texture issues and poor render distance, but everything else about the game looks alright. The game also suffers from janky controls, boring mini-games, horrible dog controls, and in the end it doesn't really feel like a hunting game, but a collection of mini-games tossed into natural environments.

    It's hard to recommend this game to anybody, but paying $10 for this game is kind of steep. I'd say if it drops to about 400 MS Points then that might be a better bet. So, sadly in conclusion I'll have to give Hunter's Trophy 2: America a 2.5/10.

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  • Manio said:
    Tracker's may like this game more than hunters as there seems to be more of a tracking aspect to this game then actual hunting.

    A game for trackers? That's pretty niche!

    Nice review. I wouldn't touch the game in a million years, so props for seeing it through to the end.
  • Dr Flibble said:
    A game for trackers? That's pretty niche!

    Nice review. I wouldn't touch the game in a million years, so props for seeing it through to the end.

    It was so hard to get through. Really boring. Not worth the money to get in on the action. But yeah, trappers may dig it more than the hunter crowd.

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