help with a new windows 8 pc
  • my mom has a new pc and she is having trouble getting online, so she calls me and with all my skills i think i can at the very least do a system restore but noooo it says you cant do that. and i tried to go back to an earlier date and it wouldnt let me do that. everything seems to work fine for the short time i was on it except for when i use a search engine (chrome, and IE) i can get one page up sometimes but if i try typing any site i get a message that says something about not enough memory to run the program but there is nothing i can see running and being a new pc there is virtually nothing on the hard drive except a few pics.

    any help would be appreciated by my mom.
  • also i tried a disk cleaning and defrag which did nothing with the problem.
  • Not enough memory would be a RAM problem, not a hard-drive problem.
  • As Chip have said it does sound like RAM problem. Which leads me to believe that it might be Virtual Memory issue. Sadly I have no idea how Win 8 manages it :/. Check task manager in the performance tab it should be under Physical memory the general rule of thumb to have at least 1/3 of total memory as available/free. If it's anything like XP you could go to my computer right click properties go to advanced there in performance menu click settings and it should be in advanced tab where you could increase the value if it is disabled or manually set.
  • well it is nothing like xp but now i have something to look for, i will be back here for an update when i get to it. (in related news, the problem is completely random now. sometimes it works sometimes it will start crashing. it seems like when she plays her facebook games is when it crashes the most.)
  • I don't even have facebook account, but have from what I witnessed of facebook games - they are either horridly programmed or extraordinary resources hungry gobblers. Which again reinforces RAM/Virtual Memory theory. Nobody in my immediate surrounding have win 8 so I can't even take a look at how it might be, good luck.
  • no problems reported from her in the last week so thats good, i will relay the facebook comment to her.

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