Measles in Wales

    Well if this dude didn't die of Measles, some folks in Wales will. They have hundreds of cases at this point. If you got in a time machine and told doctors in 1965 that people would be dying in the UK in 2013 of Measles, they would want to bash their heads open on the nearest handy surface. Rates of immunization in parts of the UK has dipped to something like 65%. Herd immunity requires more like 85%. That is why you are now seeing outbreaks. I always thought it would be London. Still might get there, so I think our UK brethren should check with their docs if they and theirs are up to date on their shots. Immunizations don't last forever, and I don't know what UK docs are counting as "at risk" at this point. No need to panic, just think about what a rational response would be. It is just amazing that so many loony conspiracy theories are gaining wide acceptance. Thanks Wakefield. Thanks Jenny McCarthy. Thanks Alex Jones.
  • Harry will fix it. Few Hellfire rockets into Wales...
  • westsw said:
    Thanks Wakefield.

    That this self-congratulatory, unethical c*nt is still being given even the slightest shred of credence by major British newspapers boils my piss. Between his self-aggrandising crusade and our hysterical media, people are far more exposed to risk of some pretty serious disease. I hope they're happy.

    I have a daughter, she got MMR, no fucking questions asked.
  • Wakefield, beyond contributing to death and human suffering, is also trapped by his own considerable ego. Wakefield is not a dumb guy. But at this point, if he admits how wrong he was, he has to admit that the world would have been better off if ha had never been. The further down the path you go, the harder it is to backtrack.

    The sheer number of things wrong with Wakefield's paper is just an embarrassment for The Lancet, at this point. He based his theory on twelve kids. Anyone who has any understanding of stats, know you need at least a hundred to say much of anything. Of the twelve kids, Wakefield got five from lawyers who were sueing over MMR, and then got paid four hundred thousand pounds by those lawyers. He never revealed that conflict of interest. He was also invested in an alternative vaccine. Basically, he both took a bribe and bet on the panic he hoped to create. He also fudged the data in a couple of other ways, that amounted to bald-faced lies. It amazing that he has not faced charges. The fact that he is so clearly free of shame is a testament to the creepy size of his ego.
  • So thankful I was born before this movement.

    Was Wakefield's paper a peer review published paper?
  • Dude, The Lancet is THE medical journal of the UK. Up there with JAMA worldwide. The patient size of twelve should have gotten it passed over. All the fraud was well hidden and came out much later. The Lancet has withdrawn the paper, and crushed it repeatedly, but the damage has hung around.

    Wakefield was good at actual medicine, before his character failed him completely. He worked in transplant. Wakefield is no longer licensed to practice medicine. He is reviled.

    The actual scary thing is that autism rates are going up, and we don't know why.

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