Microsoft to reveal 'Next Generation' on May 21st
  • Don't think we've got one of these yet...

    Only the best news sources for me, Reuters!

    'Games, TV and entertainment', well I suppose I'll be interested in one third of that, then. Or at least until my broadband speeds are quick enough for proper streaming.

    I would now like to open the floor to wild speculation. In-built Kinnect? Always-on internet DRM? Some kind of second screen/smart glass thing? And the name? It's not as if they're not going to go with Durango for the final product is it?
  • I am pretty jazzed for this. I hope they blow the doors off. Clearly, they have to give the final specs, or it will be a failure. Clearly Kinect is going to be in every box. Beyond that is where it gets interesting. An upgrade to Kinect that is actually finger-tip mind-blowing intuative stuff, Hulu Plus included in the subscription, or other content jackpots, that kind of thing. Barring that, I hope they answer more questions than Sony: price point, release date, "always on" and other logistic issues. I don't care a crap what the box looks like. I fear it will be all flash, no substance, just dancers and concept films for shit that will never actually be. I want relevant information, in a Milo/Usher-free room.
  • I think every gamer should be excited about this. I mean no matter what camp you're in (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo), if the other two are really pushing out great content then it's going to push the third to be even better. I just hope this thing isn't TOO geared towards the whole family thing. I'm fine with it being more than a gaming system, because in all honesty I'd rather watch my Hulu Plus and stuff like that one my tv than my laptop, but I just hope that those factors don't deter from what this system is meant to to, play video games.

    All in all I'm always giddy when a new generation of consoles are announced. I love speculation! Haha. Can't wait for this event!
  • No need for speculation about Kinect, 2.0 is going to be in every system.

    I'm most interested in the subsidized cost and the TV overlay. Might be enough to get me to get cable TV again! Maybe.
  • Glorious PC master race.
  • Kinect in every system is a given, I'm 100% positive. I also don't doubt that gamertags will be able to be carried over to the next console (hopefully) but that also makes the achievement addict in me hope that achievements, and gamerscore carries over as well. I wouldn't want my 45k just to flop down the toilet, but that's just a minor concern.

    All we can do now is wait, and pray we see some neat launch titles. Hopefully, the controller design doesn't change too much. I really love the 360 gamepad.
  • Sunflower said:
    I'm most interested in the subsidized cost and the TV overlay.

    It would be good to hear some more details on that - I'm the kind of guy that is on a low-cost, SIM-card only tariff and buys his own mobile phones so that I don't end up paying for the cost of the phone and then some over the period of my contract, but it'll be interesting to see how that sort of model could be made to work on a console. And whether it could work in the UK at all, the speculation is that it will be tied to your internet provider but I get the impression that your choice of provider is much more of a 'thing' in the US than it is in the UK.
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing what Microsoft's next generation console plans are. I think once this and E3 are over it should give me an idea of what my own plans for next generation gaming will be (not sure if I should start off by getting a PS3, next gen Xbox or build a gaming PC or if I somehow come into a lot of money a combination of them).

    I know they said they will focus more on games/content at E3 but I hope they announce some exclusive games like Alan Wake 2, Forza 5, PRG 5 and some core gamer focused Rare game (the latter is somewhat unlikely) I may be getting this day 1.

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