No Nintendo Conference at E3
  • Sorry to just transmit n4g, but the lead seemed relevant and real.

    Talk about giving up, just not gonna have a big presentation. Maybe a room for Mario whatever. Gonna be a big two-horse race. Sea Biscuit and War Admiral. Unless the Steam Box goes bananers.
  • It makes sense financially, they have no hope of competing with 2 new consoles this year anyway, also it seems like the little Nintendo direct things that have been done are quite well liked so why even bother.

    This does worry me though as a WiiU I ever going to see decent games for this black brick thats next to my TV?
  • At least it seems we'll have a few smaller presentations that just focus on the games. Personally I think it's better this way because what I find with E3 is that it builds up loads of hype but for only very small bits of excitement within the hour-and-a-half presentation.

    Still, there's a definite lack of competitive spirit...
  • I just think that Nintendo is putting a bit too much stock in their Nintendo Directs. Now I understand that your hardcore Nintendo fan/gamer is going to tune in, but I don't see the average Xbox and Sony user doing so. Their E3 presentation is one of the few chances that they have to capture that audience. Nintendo isn't going to convince non-Nintendo lovers that the Wii U is worth buying by doing small events and announcements. They need that big bang to solidify themselves this year.
  • With all the Nintendo Directs they do I would have been surprised if Nintendo had much else to announce by the time E3 rolled around.
  • Only video game nerds care much about E3 anyways, as a consumer force it's really overstated.

    That said, Nintendo is having major troubles with the WiiU.
  • It's a good point, GEFM. Who is the audience for E3 these days? What purpose do all these presentations serve? I mean, surely with Sony and Microsoft having already done their big reveals at their own conferences, and the fact that pulling together a press conference with global reach via streaming is relatively easy nowadays, why does everything have to be presented at this one conference?

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