The NooBTooB 2 week multiplayer challenge
  • I used to be good at Counter Strike: Source. I mean pretty damn good. You know, I was a member of a clans first team and I always came out with a positive KDR. That though was way back when. When I was a college student with fuck all plans and no care for my work load. Now it seems I do not have the luxury of time on my side. I no longer get the chance to become skilled at games.

    I currently have 2 week off of work. Very little plans and very little money to carry out plans. So what does a geek do when he has a couple of week’s with bugger all to do. He plays game’s. I have decided to dive back into the world of Counterstrike.

    Every day I will try and play an hour or 2 of Counter-Strike Global Offensive (A game I have barely put any time into). Starting off by practicing in the casual game mode and then finally moving on to a competitive match.

    Day: 0

    Today I jumped in at the deep end. Straight into a competitive match. The first I have ever played. I did badly, very badly. I think I ended the match with 5 kills 3 assists and 17 deaths. See really bad. Shockingly however the players on my team were very supportive and helped me out, even giving tips in some situations.

    I know the forums are not really used for blog like activities but maybe my progress with the game will be interesting to some people and I feel here is where it will pick up the most traffic with the community.

    I plan to update the thread daily with screen captures from my game and write a little piece on how the day went. If this isn’t really the place for this feel free to let me know and I will happily find a new home for it.

    I also ask the community to do the same, pick a game. Spend the next 2 week playing a solid hour a night and tell us about it here. Go, Go, Go!!!

  • Day 1:

    I played a solid 3 hours of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the morning. Gradually getting better as I played...I think. I seem to be favouring the FAMAS and the AK47 at the minute. ak47 was my go to weapon in Source for T but for CT I always used the M4.

    Anyway on to the competitive match. I actually feel I did pretty well for a beginner. I came out with a positive score and even won a MVP for at least 1 match. So far so good

  • nutta27 said:

    Fixed! You might have been able to edit that yourself, or it might just be a mod thing. In the menu at the top of the thread do you have a menu that includes an Administrative option? One of the drop-downs for that is Edit Thread and you can change the name in there.

    Chances of me getting online any time soon are low, but I am due to give the ME3 multiplayer some more time (I'd like to get my galactic readiness up in time for the end of the game). Perhaps once I get back from a business trip to Rome next week.
  • image

    Not so great today. The match started off really well then as soon as half time came and I jumped over to T I just shat myself. Seriously didn't get a single kill. Not 1. Its pretty strange too because the AK47 is generally my go to weapon.

    Oh well better luck tomorrow.

    Come on guys join in. Log your multiplayer time here lets see what 2 weeks cam do if we play a solid hour or 2 a day of 1 game.

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