Nutta27's great game giveaway.
  • Recently I have come to realise that I have hell of excess games. Games that I already own but have been given as pre order bonuses or part of packs. So I am here to give said games away.

    The Games

    Gears of War (Xbox 360 digital download)
    Bioshock (Steam)
    XCom Enemy Unkown (Steam)
    Red Faction Armageddon (Steam)
    Darksiders (steam)

    Anyone who is interested in a game reply with said game and I will enter your name into a program which will randomly select winners (I'm gonna write all the names on paper and pick the winners out of a tub).
  • Oooh put me down for Xcom!

    And very awesome of you to do this!
  • Put me down for Gears! I miss that game.

    Very cool of you for doing this.
  • Put me down from Xcom and Bioshock please!

    Although I'm not too sure my laptop can run them well...
  • Put me down for Xcom! This is awesome of you nutta!
  • Any more takers? I will be selecting winners Tuesday. At the moment the odds are looking good.
  • Put me down for Gears please.
  • Ah what the hell, throw my name in for Xcom as well.
  • No takers on darksiders or red faction?
  • You can put me down for darksiders! Haha.
  • Okay well I guess it's over time to draw names. Thanks to the amazing android app "draw names from a hat" here are the winners.

    Gears of War

    FirLocke (as the only entrant)

    XCom Enemy Unknown
    Dark Assassin 236

    DRUMMZ79 (as the only entrant)

    And well I guess Red Faction is mine still. Keep checking back because I may do more of these soon. All of your codes will be inboxes to you as soon as I can be arsed to search them all out (some time today).
  • In actual fact here you go its up for grabs to anyone who wants it


    red faction steam key
  • Loving your work, Nutta. Good on yer.
  • Thank you Nutta!
  • Thanks Nutta!
  • Wow, thank you very much!

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