Getting up to date on programming- Help!
  • Way back in the day I used to study programming, in languages you kids will no doubt laugh at (I learned to code in BASIC and FORTRAN for fuck's sake). I know shit has come a long way since then, and want to get back in touch. Can anyone recommend any good books or other resources? And what language/s should I focus on? I'm not planning on making a career out of it, I just want to refamiliarize myself with the subject.

    Thanks comrades.
  • I used Code Academy for a bit, same background as you really, did a lot of coding in BASIC and FORTRAN also!
  • What language? I think Java. Java is an all-around language but lately it has been getting lots of hate for the browser security vulnerabilities.

    For Java, try the IntelliJ's IDE(integrated development environment) which is called IDEA. It's free.

    Other candidates for "I'll learn just a lttle bit" are JavaScript (can make little games for web pages, nowadays version HTML5) and Python and Ruby on Rails (RoR). (Perl is just stupid, for Unix shell script fans)

    Maybe also the high-level scripting language TCL/Tk which focuses on getting user interfaces done rapidly.
  • Thanks for the topic guys! I'm gonna use this. :)

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