Bioshock Steam Key Giveaway
  • Hi all.

    If you haven't already go check out they sell steam keys to great games at really low prices. I just bought a Bioshock Infinate key and was also given Mafia 2 and the original Bioshock. For the low, low price of £24. Seriously check the site out.

    Anyway on to why I am here. I already own Bioshock on Steam so I have a spare key. Who else should I give it to than my fellow NooBTooBers. I don't just want it to go to the first person who hays hello in this thread though. I wanted to make a competition and the winner got the prize .

    But, alas I am too lazy, so I found someone that had already done the competition part. Go over here

    and play their video game trivia game. Screenshot your best score and reply in this thread with said screenshot. Don't Photoshop because, well not only will that be a hell of a lot of hassle for a free game. Cheaters are scum!!!


    so just play the little trivia thingymabob, print screen it and post your screenshot below. Here's my score after 1 attempt to get shit started.
  • image

    Took longer than I thought it would take.
  • Took me 2 hours to get that result xD

  • It took me 2 hours to get that result xD


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