Anyone else happy?
  • Helyo folks

    Im new here, but been a noobtoob...well.. lurker i guess since ep64.

    just wanted to know if the community is still going strong and are the celebs still around?

    Locke, Jam, Sunflower, cow (and calf) Launcher and dozens more

    Ive got a pretty nice video ive put together in honor of the (semi) return of Tobin/Yuzo. I know its probably only going to be once a year they return.

    But its very rare you can watch episodes from a topical gaming show that are 3 years old and laugh your ass off..
    Just like sitting with two buddies (that are Rembrandts of the "FWord" and dick analogies).

    Let me know what section to post the video i made, and where i can find people (tags) to game with on Xbox Live; like i said im new to the forums.


    -Sir Beardy Stroke x
  • Welcome to the forums! They aren't as active as they used to be, but damn it sure is a great community to be a part of.

    You can post your video in the UGC:

    My XBL gamertag is suddenly richie. Add me and tell me who you are and we'll have to play together! Again, welcome to the forums. Can't wait to discuss gaming with you!
  • Oh we're still watching...from the rafters...
  • In the good way.. or If Batman was known as the "dark flasher of the night" way?
  • Sir Beardy Stroke said:
    In the good way.. or If Batman was known as the "dark flasher of the night" way?

    In a Sting kind of way.
  • Chip said:
    In a Sting kind of way.

    Ah the crow with a baseball bat way

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