Sony 2/20/13 PS4 Conference
  • So what did people think? I am a big Sony guy, and was somehow let down. Maybe I expected too much. There was a lot to like. Clearly there will be some kick ass games at launch. Killzone looked great, reminded me of the Brink trailers that turned out to be a lie. inFamous has never let me down, I would buy it for that alone, totally got me the most excited. Capcom looked like they were making a Dark Souls competitor.

    Media Molecule had the niftiest presentation. The idea we call all do poor man's Pixar might produce some interesting stuff. The Final Fantasy tease was the biggest waste of time, fuck that guy. Oh well, I never touch FF anyway, why do I even care enough to curse? Diablo 3 can also go to Hell, har har. Destiny looks like all Bobba Fett, all the time, which is not a bad thing. Bungie does know how to do this, but this is no real exclusive, so we are walking, we are walking...

    I don't know enough to say anything of use about the specs: X86, 8gigs RAM. Word on the web is that it's just a high end PC, nothing more. Kind of a let down, if true. They mentioned the 2 camera thing, but never gave me an idea of what that was gonna do. The biggest letdown was no breakthroughs on the network or how content works. Heck, I don't think they even quoted a price. The share button seemed nice, and having a buddy assist is neat. The streaming stuff we all knew was coming, but how about price and such? A huge backlog library for a subscription, PS Plus times ten, something like that would have been interesting. Also, nothing on media content. Somebody is going to have to go beyond Netflix and bullshit you never use instead of Netflix. I guess Sony won't be doing that today.

    Overall, it felt like a step forward, but not a huge step forward. Just a private E3 with better graphics ahoy. Lots and lots of games, and the WiiU looks more doomed than ever. No price, no game changers in terms of content or network. Clearly they have big plans for the controller interface, it even looks like the Vita might end up involved. But I got the feeling they had not made up their minds. Move will still be here, maybe I will even use mine. The dualshock 4 is camera tracked, but that touchpad looks utterly utterly useless. Just this weird slider beyond the thumbsticks where nobody can reach or do anything useful. The new dualshock looked very poorly thought out.
  • 8gb of DDR5 ram is going to hurt your wallet. And I laughed at the off-brand Kinect they're packaging with it.

    As far as the games, Killzone left me unimpressed. Especially considering the parts you play didn't look amazing but were piggybacking off of the modest visuals from the unplayable/scripted sequences before and after. The Share button is going to give us a legion of streamers and no spectators anymore, and the "Director" stuff is just a further baby-fied system to make sure people never feel like they lose.

    It'll be nice to see what people do with it, but a lot of the stated things left me cold. The developers of the systems can do a lot with it though, so I'm going to wait and see.
  • I was unimpressed, there were some visual things that looked good but that media molecule demo was really weird.
  • I thought it was fairly lame, aswell. I continue to see a lot of things with the PS4 that seem to have little point or feel wasted. Still bringing out the Move? The PS4 will not save it. The Vita is not a selling point considering that it doesn't sell. I also feel like the touchscreen seems somewhat counter-intuitive. The controller tracking is... not terribly exciting? Between the Wii and Kinect, it certainly isn't groundbreaking.

    What will sell this thing is price point and other options besides gaming, two things we didn't see tonight. Maybe at E3. Of course, then you piss off angry gaming nerds online, but I don't think that's much an issue.

    Watch Dogs still holds potential, but it's multiplat. Killzone could be cool, but I was saddened by the added bullet time/slow mo (really overdone these days). It'll be interesting to see what David Cage does with the technology.

    SE totally bummed me out, too.
  • I'm also confused why some of the games will still be on the ps3. It doesnt give me much hope that those games will be at full potential on the ps4.
  • You'll see that a lot with both consoles and upcoming games, I think. Games are too expensive to work with a small install base of a launch console.
  • I'll wait with my Judgement until i see a real review on the technical capabillities.
  • I was pretty impressed. I like the fact they are adding in OS features like recording and sharing clips.

    It also felt like this press conference had a very heavy focus on the core/hardcore gamer. They started off talking about hardware specs then they showed off a lot of core games and not too many family/casual games (some like MediaMolecule's game were in there) and they made industry specific jokes which only people that follow gaming would know about (like the Jason Jones reference).

    The ability to stream to a Vita also makes me want to get a Vita (however it's still way out of my price range). The main reason for getting a Wii U is that I can play on the touchpad while something else is on the TV. With the PS4 having that ability with the PS Vita it gives me that option on a really high end system.

    The Destiny exclusive DLC does seem like a good get as it's developed by a very strong studio in Bungie who have not made a game for a non-Microsoft console in a very long time. Plus with Activision's marketing muscle it could be a big hit and have a large user base flock to the PS4 to play it, similar to the CoD franchise on the 360 (i.e. it's a multiplatform title but Microsoft has/had early DLC and the majority of players play on that console platform).

    The graphics for a lot of those games looked amazing compared to current generation consoles. I don't have a gaming PC so my opinion on those might be very behind the times in terms of cutting edge visuals.

    A lot of the titles like Killzone seem like launch titles in that they have better graphics but with no new or ground breaking gameplay, which I think is fine as it is only the start and as time goes by more interesting stuff should emerge like the MediaMolecule game. MediaMolecule'S game looked really different and interesting but I don't think it's for me as I'm not too artistic.

    The only thing worrying me is that they didn't announce the price and with all that kit in there (such as the 8GB of DDR5 RAM) I am starting to think we are going to get another price similar to the launch of the PS3 which may mean I won't be able to afford one straight away.
  • I joined late, just as the Drive Club bit was ending (Woo! Cars!) so I probably missed all the exciting stuff, but I was surprised how much time was just being given to the horsepower of the system. Guys, we knew the games were going to look way better on new consoles, what else ya got? And given they were focussing on that side of things, I thought that the street scene in Watch Dogs still looked a little flat and game-y. I was expecting far more dynamic-looking crowd scenes. That was the first Watch Dogs footage I've watched (what I heard about it at E3 last year didn't excite me enough to go and look it up), so maybe my expectations were off.

    Also, Capcom showed a good game? Did they? I thought their little demo reel was the same as the SquareEnix one; 'this is the kind of stuff we could do on the new system'.

    I'm really on the fence about what to do in this next console generation. I waited a couple of years before getting one of the current consoles and I've been super happy with the choice I made, this time I'm less convinced there'll be that much to differentiate the two and I have so many games that I haven't played yet from this generation that I might end up sitting things out for a while again.
  • Not a shit given. No product to show. No price to announce. Shiny game videos. Big promises. Yeah, we've been here before, and got the violated innocence to prove it. I also remember having a PS3 for almost 2 years before finally starting to get any real use out of it. I'm in no rush to repeat that.
  • Dr Flibble said:
    Not a shit given. No product to show. No price to announce. Shiny game videos. Big promises. Yeah, we've been here before, and got the violated innocence to prove it. I also remember having a PS3 for almost 2 years before finally starting to get any real use out of it. I'm in no rush to repeat that.

    As excited as I was for this press conference, I have to agree with you on this one. I know they'll hit us with all that stuff at E3, but I would have at least liked to see the actual console, or at least get a price range for it. I did think the real-time game streaming was a pretty cool concept though. For now I'm keeping my $400+ in my wallet until Microsoft unveils their new console too.
  • [youtube]INNS-zhmFZI[/youtube]

    This guy was the best part of the event. Everything else left me unimpressed. Won't be picking one up anytime soon, or at all. Just waiting on Microsoft now.
  • I am shocked. I was extremely impressed with what Sony showed last night. I wasn't expecting to see quite so many games, all look pretty good. The drive club dude was intense man. I think he had to go clean up after talking about those cars.

    The Gaiki stuff and the streaming seen interesting so does the seperate chip that handles background downloads. Lets just hope we aren't stuck with more years of crawling psn downloads.
  • I thought the first part of the conference was great. Their focus on creating a platform for developers is obviously a great step forward after the teething issues with the Cell and early PS3 development. Stuff like boot-up into the last game state, updates while the console is 'off', and playing while still downloading the rest of the game are all great and have that "how did we put up without this before" feel to them but that's kind of where the good stuff ended for me.

    The improvements in graphics are naturally going to be impressive and the stuff they showed was beautiful but the games were so blah and generic, outside of The Witness and Watch Dogs. The Killzone 4 gameplay opened with a stunningly beautiful cityscape and what's the first interaction between the player character and an enemy? What do they use to introduce us to the next generation of Killzone? That same old worn out, seen 100 times already, stab to the throat that was impressive in maybe 2006. It's just so unimaginative. By the time the character was climbing into the building, I had already switched off. I'm just hoping there's something at E3 that can captivate me, I've become so tired of current offerings.
  • Engadget wrote that current psn games won't transfer over and no backwards compatibility with ps3 games.
  • image

    Chad Daddy is back LOL. All we need now is a ElPresador Sony heel turn.
  • raskit said:
    Chad Daddy is back LOL. All we need now is a ElPresador Sony heel turn.

    Yeah baby! Best thing to see.
  • Last I saw, Elpresador fell down the CoD hole, never to be seen again. Man, if all my PSN stuff is a do over, that will suck. Seems penny wise dollar dumb. This will be all about network. Why not bring your base?
  • Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I honestly didn't expect the PS4 to have quite so many capabilities. It's really settled in now that it's not just about the games anymore....but they're still the most important thing. I was very impressed with the new games that were shown. Deep Down really gave me a Dark Souls vibe in terms of visuals. Looking back on it, I think Deep Down's video was actually mostly gameplay because the HUD seemed to be present for quite a while. I had honestly thought that the video was mostly cinematics but if it was really gameplay; consider me very, very impressed with the graphics jump from PS3. I was not expecting such a substantial leap.

    Killzone also looked absolutely fabulous. I've had absolutely zilch interest in the Killzone series over the years, but I was really impressed by that gameplay. It was live btw.

    The most disappointing video game presentations were from Square Enix and Sucker Punch, IMO. The new inFamous trailer showed pretty much nothing, it was basically just an announcement. And Square Enix's was just that. An announcement of a new Final Fantasy. Yaaaaaawn.

    Diablo 3 coming to both PS3 and PS4 was a nice surprise. If co-op could be possible between both consoles it would be even better.

    Drive Club sounded awesome. Knack was a little underwhelming, but I have a feeling Mark Cerny and his company have plenty of tricks up their sleeve.

    Speaking of Mark Cerny, I really enjoyed his presentation. The philosophy behind the development of the PS4 was honestly like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I am SO glad that Sony have developed the PS4 to be very developer friendly and consumer focused. It took quite a while to get the PS3 off the ground and thankfully it looks like the PS4 will be safe from such a situation.

    The truckload of social features all sounded quite nice but I honestly can't see myself using a lot of it too often, if ever. I'm rather anti-social. :P The PS4 looks like it's going to be quite a good console I'm happy to say.

    I wonder how it looks though....
  • I am interested to see if PSN on the PS3 will still be supported after the PS4 release. Since there is no backwards compatibility for PS1,2,3,PSN games. :p
  • PS4, more like PS Bore.
  • vampirelich said:
    I am interested to see if PSN on the PS3 will still be supported after the PS4 release. Since there is no backwards compatibility for PS1,2,3,PSN games. :p

    Unless I'm mistaken, they said the PS3 was meant to have a 10 year life cycle, so hopefully they stick with it for at least a few more years.
  • I am ok with PS4 not having any BC if I can stream "ALL of the Games", even behind a pay wall. If they are just planning on trickling out releases like they do now, then I will wait a year or two before switching.

    Also they need to make the the streaming work on Internet connections that aren't so great. My speeds aren't terrible but they aren't too good either.

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