Graphics Card????
  • Okay so I will apologize for being an idiot before we even get into this.

    I know nothing about GPU's, nothing. I am currently running in a AMD Radeon 6770 and for the past year and half it has served me pretty well. But now its starting to well. It just doesn't run most new games very well at all. Far Cry 3 on low. I want to play Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3.

    I also want those games to look and feel pretty good to so this is where I need help. I have been looking at cards recently and well I don't have a fucking clue.

    I am on a pretty tight budget I'd sat £150- £200 hopefully sticking closer to £150. What can I get for that? What should I get for that?

    Is the AMD Radeon 7870 any good? I can get one for £170 with Bioshock and Tomb Raider steam codes thrown in. Is that a good card? How will it run games?

    HELP...please. Should I buy that if not what should I get?
  • Well if you're willing to go up to $300 I would suggest the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950. And as an added bonus you get Bioshock: Infinity and Crisis 3.
  • I had an AMD card once, never going back, the drivers for it were fucking awful.
  • Thanks dudes. God there is just so much frigging choice. I am going to look at what money I have after all my bills come out. I would love a 7970 but 300 quid is just too much. The 7950 is looking reasonable though. Looking into buying it next Thursday so if anyone else has any suggestions please help still.

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