cant sign in to my xbox account
  • its been a while and i had on auto sign in so i forgot my xbox password. they tell me to go here
    but clearly that is no help unless i am missing something. i just get a blue screen with 2 buttons and both ask for your password which is the reason i am there.
  • Erm, I'm seeing a box to enter your account details (i.e. the email you signed up with) and a captcha box, unless the pages are different between the US and the UK - the page clearly says it is the UK version.

    If you've forgotten the email address you signed up with (not inconceivable if you've got several), you should be able to access that under the Account Details menu on the Settings tab on you Xbox.
  • yeah that was the first thing i tried and it was locked out like i wasnt the only user of the box.
    i was able to get to a change password screen (switched to internet explorer and that helped) when i put in my new password it said i needed a mix of capital letters and numbers. so i figured i just put my usual password with an uppercase letter to start. i turned on my xbox to enter the new password and it did the auto sign in like i never had a problem.

    so crisis adverted until the next time i cant auto sign in.

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