iPhone/iPad - The Room Review - Short Review By Nutta27
  • Developer: Fireproof Games
    Publisher: Fireproof Games
    Platform: iPhone, iPad
    Release Date: September 19, 2012


    The Room is the first release by developer Fireproof Games. The game at its core is a 3d puzzle game in which the primary task is to open up a puzzle box that has been encrypted with a multitude of encryptions and well...erm puzzles.

    As soon as you start the game you find a letter laying on the top of the box. The letter is from a missing friend. It points out that the safe which is in front of you holds significant secrets and that the writer believes that you as the “smart one” are the only person who would be able to open the box and reveal the secrets it holds. As you delve further into the box you realise that these letters are what the developers use to push forward the plot. Where did the writer go and what is this element the letters speak of?

    The Plot though is by far the least interesting part of The Room. Its quite difficult to describe the gameplay behind The Room without spoiling the game too much. Exploring every nook and cranny of the box is thrilling and never tedious. Always trying to find the next step that will open up a new puzzle or section of the story. Some of the puzzles can be hard to wrap your head around at first but most are interesting even though a little easy. The Room also has a 3 hint system for those trickier puzzles. The 1st being vague and the final hint basically telling you what to do. This means that the game is never too difficult and is never a frustrating experience. The game as a whole is pretty short. I actually played through the whole game in one sitting taking me about 4 hours total.

    The game's visual style and audio leads to an extremely chilling experience. The creaks and whispers are really creepy as is the games soundtrack. This is by far the best looking game on ios. It has a great 3d style with amazing lighting effects. Because of that it will only run on iPad 2 or higher and iPhone 5.

    The room is a great chilling puzzle game that anyone would be able to pick up and play. The game looks beautiful and all the puzzles are well designed, never being too hard but never actually being easy either. In fact the only negative point I have about the game would be that it is way too short. At only 69p on iPhone I recommend anyone with an iPad or iPhone that is able to play this game get it now.

    The Room is by far the best game out on ios today. Thumbs Up . 10/10

  • I believe this game got Apple's iOS Game of the Year award, sounds like it deserved it. Edge detailed a studio profile of these guys in their latest issue and it was quite an interesting read. Fireproof games used to work as a company who received outsourcing jobs involving art assets and they worked on a lot of the Burnout series and LBP2, to name a couple of games. Along came Unity and the rise of iOS and there you go! The Room is the result. :) They believed that premium games still need to be made on the iOS platform, I'm glad that this turned out to be a success for them. :D