Why, I'm Back!
  • Hey I'm England93, I used to come to these forums everyday a couple of years back although I wasn't too regular of a poster although I do remember managing to win a guess the game or two on the NooBTooB Smodcast! :)

    Well about myself, I am more of a console gamer who mainly plays PS3 but will delve into Xbox every now and then and also play a couple of steam games fairly often too! I'm currently playing though a couple of games on my backlog from last year so mainly Assassins Creed III and Borderlands 2 right now (Preferring the latter greatly) and somewhat unfortunately got back into my old timesink of Dissidia Duodecim which I bought it in the sale for my Vita last week. I also enjoy anime, Photoshop (which I'm currently still learning the ropes of) and a slew of other things.

    I am Currently doing a Computer Game Development course at college where at the moment I am making a Virtual 'Ghost Train' so I may be able to show some more stuff on that if I feel its good enough to share XD

    Anyway I'm glad to be back and look forward to posting again! :D
  • Hello, and welcome back. :)
  • The name wasn't enough, but I instantly recognized you from that signature. Welcome back~ It's a lot slower nowadays but it's to be expected.