The NooBTooB Fitness Club Week 1
  • Its a new year and I expect like me, many of you would have taken up the New Years Revolution to lose weight/get in to shape.

    So let's do it together.

    Here's the plan in this thread each week we briefly outline what we did in the past week to lose weight. Now I am not going to ask you to post up your weight and target weight if you don't feel comfortable(you can do if you wish). Just outline what you did in the past week good or bad in regards to getting in shape, and maybe a few kind comments to other noobtoobers to spur them along.

    If this gets a good amount of interest I plan to run it much like Littleg does with his thread about what we have been playing.

    Anyway on to me:

    The plan for me at the moment is pretty basic. Eat less shit. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week and for the month of January totally cut out fast food and alcohol. Its no secret that over the last 3 or 4 months I have put a tad bit of weight on and I wish to lose that and hopefully some more.

    Last week I went to the gym twice for an hour each trip doing 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes weight training. I have also been trying to stick to under 1700 calories a day (cutting out snacking).

    Weight now and target weight to come at a later date.
  • I'd like to take part on this. I used to be a really scrawny dude and I've now added quite a bit of weight to my body that I'm really self conscious about so I'm on the road to maintaining a healthy diet, and cut out food from greasy, fast food chains for a year or so (McDonalds, etc).

    I can't even wear my Darth Vader belt because the buckle digs into my stomach when I sit down and is really uncomfortable, and I've noticed things taking their toll on me when they shouldn't.

    I've already started the better dieting. I make all my own food from scratch on a daily basis so that really helps, and I'm a huge salad, fruits and vegetable freak. I'm not gonna cut out my home-made burgers though. I use lean meat, and use all organic produce and what-not when making them. No processed, or filler crap. I buy most of my cheese from a local farmer. Cheaper, and so much better than the cheese you get in stores.

    I'm a really big seafood guy too, and I'm just curious if eating seafood is a good thing for health/diet? I couldn't cut seafood from my diet. I just couldn't (fish and chips I could easily cut).
  • Do you know, I've had a draft forum post on my desktop for over a year now that was intending to re-launch the old Noobtoob 'Are You Fat?' contests, from back in the day when Tobin & Yuzo challenged the whole community to lose weight or get fit? I just couldn't think of a way of doing it well and also I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep up my end of the bargain...

    So this is brilliant, thanks for doing it Nutta. I'm lucky as where I work has a gym in the building and my current job has me in the office much more, so I can skip my lunch and get an hour down the gym when previously it required a bit more planning. A couple of years ago, I was getting 3 minimum hour-long sessions of exercise a week, but with the arrival of baby g that has dwindled down to almost no exercise at all for the last 18 months. Couple that with a discovery of the joy of sugar-filled lattes, and I'm half the man I used to be (or twice the man, depending on how you look at it)...

    Anyway, 2013 has started well. In my first week back at work I managed two gym sessions for an hour (mostly cardio stuff, I'm trying to build my fitness back up before I start trying to build any muscle) and then last week I went to the gym three times in a week for the first time in what must be 2 years.

    I've even joined the gym's New Year challenge in which you keep track of the number of times you've attended and also set yourself a target. You could chose from a weight target, a measurement target (arm/leg/waist circumference or something) or just have your VO2 measured and see how much that improves by - I went for VO2. They didn't have the equipment to measure it properly (with the treadmill and breathing mask etc) so instead they did the thing where they take your age/height/weight and then get you to lie still for 5 minutes to measure your resting pulse rate. I don't know what that's supposed to tell you, but the watch thing they made me wear said '45%' on it at the end. I don't know if I'm trying to get that down or up by the end of the challenge, but let's see how I do!

    Also, they weighed me as part of the process - 9st 12lb! For a guy my height, that's a little higher than I'd like, I can remember my first year at Uni when I didn't like the student accomodation food and when I came home at the end of the year my Mum said I looked like a skeleton, so I weighed myself and was shocked to see I was exactly 8st! I don't think I quite want to get down to that level, but somewhere in the middle might not be too bad...

    Finally, Manio - sounds like you're going about things in a good way, it's amazing the difference preparing your own food can make, especially as you start to become aware of what you're putting into it. Fish is generally a good bet too, depending on how you prepare it
  • I masturbated furiously this week.
  • Dr Flibble said:
    I masturbated furiously this week.

    The NooBTooB Masturbation Club.
  • Manio said:
    The NooBTooB Masturbation Club.

    How about "Wank Club"?
  • Isn't there a WiiU Wank game ? so you can check your "progress"?:p
  • Dr Flibble said:
    How about "Wank Club"?

    The first rule of Wank Club is: You Do Not Talk About Wank Club.

    The second rule of Wank Club is: Clean up after yourselves, you filthy fuckers.
  • Hi everyone, I'm Sloth and I'm trying to get fit. I am so woefully out of shape and abhorrently unhealthy. I've been stress eating McDonalds, chocolate milkshakes from across the road where I work and I haven't been eating in a healthy schedule.

    But not anymore! Inspired by this masturbation thread, I hope to join your ranks and let's get physical together!

    Today I went to the gym at Martin Place and felt inadequate, apologetic and a little bit miffed as I paid somebody to judge me. I went to the grocer's, loaded my fridge with proper food food and planned my meals. I've got various 'good for you'/'taste not like chocolate' cereals/wheat products, lots of mix and match sandwich material for my lunches, oodles of yoghurt and fruit for afternoon snack and for dinner, I'm crock potting my way to good times, happy body and healthy wallet. So enthused I was with my stride in getting fit, I came home and did a measly workout that involved my limbs turning into spaghetti and *2* iPhone apps tracking my progress. Ho hum~

    I hope to lose the flab, put back on the 10kgs I lost in the last two years and that this post spurs on more wank talk from all of you.
  • Been Going to the YMCA in Kobe (Yes the village people one)
    Because i got banned by most other Fitness Clubs due to my Tattoo :(
    Been trying to get back in Shape.

    Oh and about your let's Get Physical comment
  • Epke said:
    Because i got banned by most other Fitness Clubs due to my Tattoo :(

    What's your tattoo of...?

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