Elementary pru annoyance
  • Recently I have become interested in a tv show called Elementary. It is yet another modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. In the latest episode Vinny Jones plays a killer who is also a football fan. In one scene the screen shows his character watching a game by the arsenal. There is my first annoyance. The Arsenal. It's not the its just Arsenal. He is an ex premier league football player the dude should know that. The second annoyance is is actually the team Aresnal are playing. The screen said ARS vs PRU. What team is PRU. I have no fucking clue. I know it's probably a made up acronym but I just need to know. Who the fuck is PRU?
  • A friendly match against Peru?
  • A club team and a country doubtful. Like I said probably a made up acronym but it just did my head in.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pupil_Referral_Unit
    In the UK, a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) (Pupil Re-integration Unit in some LEAs) is a centre for children who are not able to attend a mainstream or special school. Each local education authority has a duty to make arrangements for the provision of education in or out of school for all children of compulsory school age. If children may not receive suitable education for any period for reasons such as illness or exclusion from school, these arrangements can be made through Pupil Referral Units - which are a mixture of public units and privately managed companies.
  • 05-11-2012
    Arsenal Juniors vs Puerto Rico United
  • I was close.
  • This looks most likely http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterborough_United_F.C.
    but maybe it is just a screw up on the TV show makers
  • The exact same thing vexed me and led me to Google which led me here. Being a life long Arsenal fan and a dyed in the wool pedant I felt I had to register and reply. Most Arsenal fans refer to Arsenal as 'The Arsenal'. This comes from the club's original incarnation as Dial Square which was a club made up of workers at the Dial Square Royal Arsenal, or The Royal Arsenal. This is also where the club's nickname 'The Gunners' comes from.

    Not having a go at all just letting you know, this sort of thing is pretty handy in pub quizzes.

    Also, I have no idea who PRU are either.
  • Thanks for that dude....welcome by the way.

    By no means did I think you were having a go. You actually educated me, so thank you. By the way if you like video games feel free to post on any other threads on the forums. We welcome all new members and I am sure you will find a home here in the community.

    Oh and if you do figure out the PRU shite. Inform me because it still annoys me.
  • Of course, I am still looking.

    Cheers for the greetz!
  • I already told you who they are :/

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