Malware on the Wiki?
  • Just went to the episode guide on the wiki so I could download the old episodes and when I click 'audio' it comes up with a malware warning. Anyone know what that's about?
  • Hmmm, I get that message too. Are any of the Admin guys around? Chip, Swoopes???
  • From memory its a known issue, just like the malware warning some of you might get on the main site:

    I don't know who runs but i'll assume its Tobin & Yuzo and we havn't been able to get them to find time to fix the main site in the... 2-3 years? Now that this has been a known issue. It's been brought up many MANY times, I've raised the issue twice with admins, the second time from memory they didn't even get a response when inquiring about it from T&Y.

    T&Y are the only ones that can fix it, safe to say it'll never get fixed.