is this the RROD for the ps3?
  • i havnt had on my ps3 in a while, i heard good things about the new walking dead game so i figured i would fire that up.
    it did the typical update, it was at about 56% i looked down for a few seconds and when i looked up the ps3 was restarting. i clicked play game it loaded then i got an error message "an ethernet cable is not connected." nothing was moved from the last time i had it on.
    i am not in the mood to play around with the spaghetti behind my tv so i just shut it off and hopped on the PC. did a quick search and this seems to be a pretty common problem with many different opinions about the cause. (or maybe many different causes)
    so what is the NTA's opinions on this?
  • No. The RROD for PS3 is a yellow light.