Your top five movies of 2012
  • I was debating this on Twitter the other night, so I'm curious to see other people's lists. Obviously I mean films released in 2012; not films you've seen this year, but released prior to 2012. If you could include reasons as to why a each film merited a place in your list, that would be nice.

    I still hashing out my top five, so I'll get back to you.
  • 1. The Hobbit
    The film received a ton of controversy about the whole 48fps issue, and some people felt like it was a little too much to span the book into three films. Sure, they could of done well with just one film but I really dug the fact they've incorporated elements of the Simarillion into the film as well, and for the future films too.

    I really loved this movie. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins was incredible. My only complaint is that it doesn't feel like part of the Middle-Earth whatsoever.

    2. The Avengers
    Such a good film. I loved the dynamics between all the characters, and how they clashed for the first half of the movie and eventually began working together. The chemistry between Iron Man, and Captain America was downright awesome and the fact they bickered amongst one another so much made me happy, and laugh.

    The film was full of laughs, and wonderful moments. It's such a good film, and probably the best superhero film I have ever seen.

    3. The Amazing Spider-Man
    Wow. Andrew Garfield was really the perfect Peter Parker in my opinion. He had the attitude down, and the comedic wit that I love about Spidey. Sure, some people weren't big on this film and didn't really like it, but I'm glad they took an approach that was closer to the comics than the Sam Raimi films.

    Plus, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is hot. Nuff said. Loved this movie. I really want Spidey in the next Avengers film :(

    4. Cabin In The Woods
    The best "horror" film I have ever seen. It was magnificent, creepy, and just downright insane. Joss Whedon made a masterpiece with this film. Probably one of the best films in the past decade, and not just 2012. You go in expecting something completely different as to what the end product gives you. Lots of twists, but you can catch them all fairly early if you pay attention to what happens in the environment, and around the characters.

    So damn good.

    5. The Dark Knight Rises
    A good film, with some issues. An amazing way to end the Nolan trilogy of the Batman films but some of the film really did feel a little "meh". I really loved Bane as a villain, and Tom Hardy did an excellent job portraying the character. From the way his lines were delivered in that voice, and to the way everything came together with Bane.

    However, it really did bother me that there was no mention of The Joker, and what-not. Definitely didn't live up to The Dark Knight, but it's still a good popcorn flick.

  • Well gosh, I have missed many films, so I have incomplete information. I have not seen Lincoln, The Master or Flight, which could totally be there. I missed Cosmopolis and the Hobbit, which I will likely enjoy, but may not be top five. Just saying I am not a go to guy this year. Many of us won't be able to see Zero Dark Thirty, so that is a grey area. I am tempted to cheat and say that Raiders of the Lost Ark was released on IMAX and wins automatically, but why be a jerk?

    1. Chronicle - Fucking awesome, so well written, only gonna get better with time.
    2. Avengers - Not perfect, but it was exactly what a guy with 1500 Marvle comics likes. A guilty guilty pleasure.
    3. Moonrise Kingdom - So sweet, so innocent.
    4. Jiro Dreams of Sushi - on Netflix streaming, you have no excuse. A meditation on mastery and generations.
    5. Haywire - Another guilty pleasure. I can't defend it as a classic. Hey, I thought Tank Girl should have gotten an Oscar.
  • 5. End of Watch

    Not sure I enjoyed the whole handheld camera format, but for a genre that is probably overdone, I thought at times it gave brutal insight into US police work. The two main protagonists have an endearing relationship, which is wonderfully acted. The relationship you watch develop makes the ending all the more painful to watch.

    4. The Dark Knight Rises

    Bane is good. Christopher Nolan is good at making movies.

    3. The Hobbit

    Was not a fan of the LOTR trilogy prior to seeing this, but this film has sparked a love for Middle-Earth. Perhaps a bit lengthy, you come to expect that with these films.

    2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    I'm a bit of a sucker for coming-of-age films, but this avoids the clichés of the genre. This film does explore the troubles of growing up, but it has darker elements to it which become apparent at the end of the film. Plus, it has Emma Watson in it, which is never a bad thing.

    1. Argo

    I just love how this film deals with the Iranian revolution. It doesn't go after any sides and seek to rub it in your face, but explores the fear and confusion the Iranian revolution had for Americans still in the country. Ben Affleck is really starting to distance himself from some of the shit he has appeared in with gems like this.
  • Really started to cut down on my cinema trips toward the second half of the year. At the start I was going multiple times a week. It just became habit. Barely go at all now.

    1. Avengers

    An awesome roller coaster ride. Funny and filled with action.

    2. Dark Knight Rises

    Great finale to Nolans trilogy. Bane was ana amazing villain too.

    3. Prometheus

    I have never really been too interested in the Alien franchise but I bloody loved this film.

    4. Cabin in the Woods

    A mixture of sci fi and horror. Wonderful film.

    5. *cant think of a 5th will re edit later*
  • Way too many movies I haven't seen this year. Norwegian Wood, This Is Not a Film, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Cosmopolis, Anna Karenina, Silver Linings Playbook, and Lincoln. Those alone probably have a top 5 in there. Anyways, for what I did see:

    The Dark Knight Rises: westsw had a pretty impressive rip into this the other day. This was actually probably my favourite of the trilogy. While Bane didn't have quite the effect as Joker did, he still more than held his own. How this film tapped into economic and social concern was perhaps the most valiant part, and Nolan manages to walk a fairly even-keel. For a Batman film, it had a whole lot of non-fighting parts, which lent a sense of humanity that few superhero movies achieve. Hathaway's Catwoman was a godsend of energy, too. Caine had his best performance of the trilogy, as well.

    Argo: I credit Affleck immensely for somehow mixing a light-hearted, comedic rip of all things Hollywood, with the incredibly tense Iran Hostage Situation. Not only did this movie have laugh out loud moments of Hollywood absurdity and self-righteousness, but it also presented a more factual presentation of the hostage situation than most USA#1'ians would like to admit, coming straight out with the CIA and British involvement in arranging the coup that overthrew the previously elected Iranian leader, all in the name of oil, eventually leading to Iran's turn towards Islamic theocracy. Argo's recreation of Iran was particularly acute and handled expertly. Sheila Vand steals the show as her portrayal of a Canadian Embassy worker who learns of the Americans hiding there, and risks her life to protect them. Perhaps the most powerful moment of the film comes when we see Tehran citizens (actual footage) burning American flags and shouting anti-American epithets, only to cut to the US (actual footage), where US citizens burn Iranian flags and shout anti-Iranian epithets. We are not so different, you and I.

    Sleepwalk with Me: Mike Birbiglia is perhaps the last decent mainstream standup comic. Maybe because he is more of a storyteller with comedy, as opposed to simply a man trying to be funny; but his film's wry tone, incredibly relatable and human cast, and consistent laughs power this humble and appreciable comedy. I can't say enough about how fun and entertaining this movie is in all of its awkward moments, funny moments, and touching moments.

    The Secret World of Arrietty: It's not Ghibli's best, but that's like saying Two Towers wasn't LotR's best. It's still an incredibly beautiful, wondrous romp, with one of Ghibli's most memorable villains, and a protagonist you can't help but cheer for right away.

    My fifth is up in the air. I'm tempted to say Django Unchained, but that is such a challenging movie to assess on so many levels, that I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable doing so.
  • 5. Goodbye First Love - Mature coming of age story.
    4. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - The progression of time in this one is excellent.
    3. Zero Dark Thirty - Topical and important viewing. Probably the most popular of this list.
    2. The Master - Best performances of the year.
    1. Amour - Emotional blast, straight to the heart. Unbelievable.
  • I haven't seen too many movies in the actual theater this year but here are some of my favorites and I'm not gonna put them in order because I always debate myself about it later if I do.

    1. The Hobbit - I was so happy I didn't walk away from this one hugely disappointed like I did with Prometheus. I actually thought it was really good.
    2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi - this was a great Netflix instant watch find for me. The amount of skill and dedication Jiro has for making the perfect sushi experience is more interesting than it sounds.
    3. Wreck It Ralph
    4. The Hunger Games - I managed to see this one for free at a showing on campus and was very impressed. Can't wait to see the next one.
    5. Lockout - yes, it was horrible but in a fun way!

    There were a few that came out this year that I really wanted to see but never got around to actually watching. :(
    Some honorable mentions: The Avengers and The Secret World of Arrietty~
  • 1. The Hunger Games
    Actually forgot about this as a 2012 movie because it was so long ago until I read Brisby's post. I actually read all three books after watching in a week. The story was excellent, and I fell in love with this movie. (Hence the Hunger Games avatar =P )

    2. Les Miserables
    Super surprised, I had heard amazing things about it, but it was a musical. And to be honest, I'm not the biggest musical fan. Especially as this was ONLY singing. But I really fell in love with the characters, the singing was absolutely amazing and the acting was phenomenol. At the end I was so close to crying, if I blinked there would have been tears. The woman behind me cried at least twice that I could hear, full on sniffles for a few minutes. And I don't blame her.

    3. The Hobbit
    I was pumped to see this and I really really enjoyed this more than any LOTR movies I've seen. Perhaps a bit long, and the woman a few seats over from me decided to loudly file her nails for 15 minutes into it. Didn't even know nail filing was that loud. But still, absolutely amazing movie.

    4. The Avengers
    Pretty much like anyone else says, this movie was great. Funny and full of action. Went to the 3D showing, and was kind of surprised the 3D didn't ruin it for me (I hate 3D).

    5. Rise of the Guardians
    I doubt anyone else will agree, but this was such a feel good happy little movie that I absolutely fell in love with it. Ended up seeing it twice, once with friends, then once with my mom over break when we went shopping. Such a cute little movie.

    Movies I really wanted to see but never got to see (yet): Lincoln, Brave, Life of Pi, and Jack Reacher. There are more I probably can't think of them right now though.
  • No specific order

    1)Perks of Being a Wallflower - Absolutely loved this movie, everything from its cast to the soundtrack. Having not read the book, I went into this movie to see how Emma Watson would follow up her Harry Potter career but came out more than amazed by the performances of Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller. Ezra's acting was top notch and encouraged me to see his other film We Need to Talk About Kevin and I encourage everyone to see that one as well. But the story handles alienation and fits of depression in a mature way and not giving into what I call those "Degrassi" desires where every problem seems to be larger than life. There were a few lines that took me out of the moment but nothing that would ruin the movie, not by a long shot.

    2)Cabin in the Woods - I dont think i could properly make any list without including this gem. Really, what else is there to say about it that hasn't already been said. the plot is one that twists your mind like a rubix cube while it deconstructs every horror cliche. The movie reminded me of 28 Days Later in that it shifted gears halfway through, from one of survival to that of revenge. While the story of survival had me immersed with its homage to The Evil Dead and well written characters, the revenge portion really put it into my top 5 of the year.

    3)Prometheus - good story and good cast but the real reason why this movie goes up here is the same reason as the hobbit, Scenery. The details, the clash of the sleek spaceships against the rocky terrain or the underground temples really pulled me into the movie. It was rated as a sort of over hype by most people, but the way they handled the story was brilliant as well. What we get is an Alien prequel but not really a prequel. Prometheus decides to be bold in this time of remakes/ sequels and do something different in an already established universe. I give it praise for having the balls to not continue the Xenomorph story line and instead opt to tell its own story, that being of human creation. Im looking forward to see where this franchise goes in the future.

    4)Looper - Another good Science fiction movie. Being a huge fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt i went into this movie with high hopes, hell, the mane made made biking really fast in NYC cool now he's being made a future assassin. One of the best things the movie did was in regards to its telekinetic aspect. It lures you into this world where telekinesis is some form of normalicy, puts it on the back burner, then blows it up in a really big way. I found its handling impressive and on par with an equally impressive story. Looper is essentially multiple stories as all these characters are effected by Levitts character. My favorite movie of 2012 and will probably be running by Wal-mart to buy it after I'm done typing all of this.

    5) Wreck it Ralph - A children's movie that i will find myself enjoying well into adult hood, and most surprising of all, it wasn't made by Pixar. We not only get cameos by tons of old school video game characters we have a heart felt story of bad guy who just wants to be good. Im a sucker for movies that can cater to both children and adults in terms of story and humor so it would be odd to make this list and not include this movie.

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