Rocksmith Low-E problems
  • So i got rocksmith and it seems to play fine..very responsive and sounds pretty awesome too except for one horrible problem.

    The low E in game requires me to play a fret backwards, for example..a note will come up requiring me to strike the low e on the 3rd so i do that and the arrows tell me to move back a the next 3rd fret low e comes along and i strike it on the 2nd fret and it registers perfectly..this is the only string it happens on..i looked online and followed a few steps.

    1: don't press too hard : CHECK! does the same no matter how hard or soft you press down
    2: use an out of game tuner before playing: Check! used my out of game tuner to make sure it was tuned perfectly, the game also didn't require me to retune..but the problem still happens

    3: check your intonation: i was going to do that until a buddy of mine who is a guitarist said that if every other string is working as it should then it wouldn't be anything to do with intonation. every other string works as it should

    4: it's a bad string: i changed it..still the same

    So i'm at a loss here, any ideas what the hell i'm suposed to do? from looking online this problem has been around since launch so i'm not holding out any hope for some kind of patch
  • Hm haven't seen this problem yet, did yours come with the bass DLC, does it have a problem there too, does it do it on all guitars?
  • No i havn't recieved any DLC with it, i have 2 electric guitars and 1 electro-acoutstic guitar and it happens on every single one of them, i was told that tuning it down a touch will solve the issue and it does..kind of..frets 1-11 on the low E now work as they should but from 12 onwards i have the same general playing this isn't that much of an issue but when playing ducks or slides it becomes pretty damn frustrating

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