SERIOUSLY: have a look at these new ELITE videos!!!
  • I previously linked to a very early kickstarter page, with very little info; I think it was launched at the start of Kickstarter
    UK, in a great hurry. Now, it's looking la bit more like it should have all along!

    Here is the teaser trailer:

    Scavenger hunt:

    ELITE (1983) was the first ever open world game, and the first ever 3D game. You were given a ship, 100 credits, and 8 galaxies to explore, each with 250 stars. The proposed sequel has just one galaxy, but 100 billion stars! You can be a trader, spy, bounty hunter, pirate, rescue ship...

    Here is a video about player roles:

    By default, all players will inhabit a shared, evolving universe; however, offline single player is supported too.

    Here is an example of how player actions can affect the universe

    I am so excited for this game, but it has not yet reached its Kickstarter goal of 1,250,000 pounds. It's currently raised just over 900,000 with 12 days to go. If this sounds like a good game for you, go ahead and pledge at