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    2011 Winner: Duke Nukem Forever

    What game broke your heart in 2012?

    Most Disappointing Game

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  • Guild Wars 2. I didn't like the quest mechanics, the combat, the UI, or the underwater gameplay segments. Blech. Had such high hopes.
  • Mass Effect 3.
  • I think I was most disappointed with Mass Effect 3. It took a few weeks for BioWare to fix the issue that would not allow me to import my characters facial features and I don't feel the choices I made leading up to the ending amounted to much.
  • Resident Evil 6. It still pains me to say that I have not finished it, nor do I really even feel like picking it up again. Everything is just so bland and poorly conceived.
  • Guild Wars 2. Loved the original and factions never really got into this one.

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