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    2011 Winner: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

    What game had the best overall graphics in 2012?

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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter. While the game was pretty crappy, it looked amazing if cranked up on PC.
  • Sleeping Dogs. On PC with everything at max and the HD texture pack the game looks amazing and so full of life.
  • Far Cry 3: Is there any other choice? This game is gorgeous! Standing ontop of a cliff and just gazing out into the ocean, and watching the sunset is extremely amazing. Plus, when those tropical storm hits everything just gets so eerie and surreal. Hunting tigers in the jungle, and just taking in the atmosphere does wonders for this game. The best visuals this year by far.
  • This game barely runs on my PC. But Far Cry 3 is damn beautiful. The island the characters everything looks just damn beautiful.
  • For me out of all the games I played I think Halo 4 looked really good. I've heard some other games look amazing on the PC but I don't have a PC capable of running most games on low settings so Halo 4 gets my vote as it's the best looking game I have seen on consoles this year.
  • Out of the games I've played it would be Halo 4.

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