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    2011 Winner: Battlefield 3

    What game had the best competitive multiplayer experience in 2012?

    Best Competitive Multiplayer

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  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. It is an absolute blast to play.
  • War of the roses, similar to Chivalry but just better.
  • CoD: Black Ops II

    Different, harder, and better. I like where they're headed, that is if they can manage to stick with it.
  • Halo 4 - So much fun to play, and there was never a moment of frustration. Sheer laughs were always had, especially with friends. From Regicide, to Flood everything competitive about Halo 4 was enjoyable. The armor unlocks, the specializations, and even the load-out system were done right and made for a rewarding experience. I love unlocks, and Halo 4 did something right with the unlock system and everything else in between.
  • Black ops 2. Only game I played competitive.
  • Squall-lionheart16 said:
    War of the roses, similar to Chivalry but just better.

    Can you spam a battlecry in WotR?
    Running around screaming like a madman wildly swinging a giant battleaxe and taking peoples heads off. Now thats fun. xD
  • I think the only Competitive Multiplayer game I have played that came out this year is Halo 4. I guess I'm voting for Halo!

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