[2012] Best Indie Game
  • [CENTER]Best Indie Game
    All platforms; NOTE: Minecraft is not eligible

    2011 Winner: Bastion

    What was the best independently developed game of 2012?

    Best Independently Developed Game

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  • I'm going to say Dustforce. I got it in a Humble Bundle this year and its an amazing game.
  • Primal Carnage: Dinosaurs. Competitive multiplayer. What more can I say? There's just something that's so terrifying, and exciting about this game at the same time. Hunkered down in a base with your friends, while the other team whom are dinosaurs are hunting you. You leave the safety of the building only to see a T-Rex come charging towards you as you empty your final clip into the beast.

    This game is really tense, and exciting at all times. Plus, they've teased a new mode called "Get To The Chopper". Dinosaurs.
  • What about Legend of Grimrock? Yuzo loved it. :)
  • I ended up voting Realm of the Mad God. Kind of an addicting, simple hack-and-slash type game. Had a decent sense of humour, too.

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