[2012] Worst Game Of The Year
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    2011 Winner: Duke Nukem Forever

    How dare any game bring shame to our beloved industry.
    What was your single worst game released in 2012?

    Worst Game of the Year

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  • "Resident Evil": Operations Raccoon City.

    The name says it all.
  • ORION: Dino Beatdown - Being a massive fan of dinosaurs I had high hopes for this game. I got 4 copies and gave three of them to friends and played it with MonochromaticX here on NooBTooB. The game was a co-op game about taking on waves of dinosaurs, and well it just wasn't fun. It suffered from terrible AI, extremely bare maps, horrible and laggy visuals, and probably was the most broken and glitchy game I have ever touched. Oh, and again there was no fun to be had. Horrible game.
  • NeverDead. Holy shit was that game trash!

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