[2012] Most Anticipated Game Of 2013
  • [CENTER]Most Anticipated Game Next Year
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    2011 Winner: Mass Effect 3

    Of the games announced so far,
    which game expected to be released in 2013 can't you wait to get your hands on?

    Share your thoughts!

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

    I think if they make a similar leap in improvement that FF XIII-2 did, they'll have a heck of a way to close the series. Some of the new ideas sound fascinating, too.
  • Half-Life 3.


    Watchdogs, closely followed by Bioshock Infinite.
  • I could name a few, some I've been waiting for a long time, some announced next year, but I forgot... So in sake of... What was it called? Ahhh, nevermind. Anyway, I say Bioshock Infinite. Who's with me?
  • Dead Space 3 - Dead Space 2 was my most anticipated for 2011, and when Dead Space 3 was announced and content was being revealed I already knew it would be one of my most anticipated. Sure, the co-op factor could be a risk for the game and reduce horror elements but I say bring it on. They're trying something new with the series and I'm 100% interested. I couldn't imagine a much more exciting experience then exploring an alien planet with a friend and taking on those damn Necromorphs. I can't wait.
  • Bioshock Infinate.
  • I can't wait to see how BioShock Infinite turns out.
  • Can we say Dark Souls II? I don't know if it's actually releasing next year...
  • If they announce it for 2013 then I'm with Firlocke and would pick Dark Souls 2, other than that, nothing really. I've given up on The Last Guardian.

    I guess Bioshock or Tomb Raider maybe?
  • I say Dark Souls II, if not DmC. :) super pumped for both. :D
  • It would be Bioshock Infinite for me.

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