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    2011 Winner: Portal 2

    What game had the best overall story in 2012?

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  • Hitman: Absolution. The story itself was nothing really to write home about, but the consistency in the characters, the settings, and the design was. It was like a dystopia without being dystopian. It was filled with self-centered, evil people in power, doing self-centered, evil things. The game just created this wonderful mood and did a good job convincing the player that revenge was a legitimate option.
  • Sleeping Dogs.
    Closely followed by The Darkness II.
  • I would vote for The Walking Dead.
  • Spec Ops: The Line.
  • Walking dead. It was all story.
  • Halo 4 for me. As sad as that sounds. The only other two games I've played this year that even have stories are Borderlands 2 and Mark of the Ninja. I feel like Halo 4 took me on more of an adventure than the other two. Unless the stupid mindless bullshit stories I come up with for my CS:GO characters while I'm waiting to not be dead and bloody in a corner somewhere count for best story. Then I'd definitely pick CS.

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