[2012] Noob's Choice Awards
  • [CENTER]Noob's Choice Awards!

    Voting open until Dec. 21

    Another year of gaming has come and gone. So you know what that means. It's time to grab a ballot and vote for your favorites! And a few not-so favorites. :P

    Last year's awards was such a HUGE success that we are going to use the online ballot again. All categories are write-in so you can vote for any games you wish! This also allows fans of the show that aren't on the forums to participate too.

    • Voting for more than one game in a category (unless specificed) will nullify all your votes in that category.
    • The game MUST have been released in 2012 (in North America); not just played in 2012.
    • One ballot submission per person!


    [CENTER]Voting is now closed.

    [CENTER]This thread is reserved for discussion about the voting process only. Don't post your votes here use the individual forum threads instead.[/CENTER]