[Europe]Free Professor Layton 5 for 3DS XL owners!
  • http://microsite.nintendo-europe.com/3DSXLGamesPromotion/

    If you registred your 3DS XL on Nintendo Club, there is one game waiting for you! You can choose from: New Art Academy, Super Mario 3D Land, New Style Boutique, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Freakyforms Deluxe.

    I already ordered my code and it is waiting for January 1st on my mailbox :)
  • Any idea if this will be coming to US? I would love to get Miracle Mask!
  • I was searching for this information but I found nothing. I really hope it will come to US, because it is great, really great promotion.
  • Damn you 3DS XL owners....
  • If you have 3DS it is really good to trade it in for XL, I did it with my first 3DS and was worth it :) - instead of paying 180 pounds I have paid 100 + free Kingdom Hearts 3D.
  • Scirm said:
    instead of paying 180 pounds I have paid 100 + free Kingdom Hearts 3D.

    I still can't justify shelling out 160ish (that's the right conversion, right?) dollars for a system I have, just to have it be a bit bigger. Especially with the Wii U out and the new consoles on the horizon.
  • Yeah, I totally understand what you mean, but if you have a chance to try 3DS XL for a while, give it a try. I think this is the best way to play games in 3D. Every single game I have played gives you better experience, and MGS3D is far better(before this huge screen there was to many details for such a small screen), for example.
    I can't wait to grab Wii U :)

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