Michio Kaku Reckons We're Fucked
  • If you don't know who Michio Kaku is go over to YouTube and type his name, and learn a whole bunch of cool shit.

    Anyhoo, about that fucking, Kaku and some of his science nerd friends went to the US government to appeal for them to fork out 100 million dollars which would be used to harden the nation's electrical grid against solar flares.

    For info on what has happened once before and could easily happen again check this:


    The US government, naturally, refused.

    Considering the potential danger, and also how cheaply it could be prevented, I am becoming increasingly convinced that our species deserves extinction. What a bunch of dumbasses we are. 100 million dollars to avoid possible massive nuclear meltdown and widespread electrical failures. Think about the cost of all the wars and other stupid shit the US government blows trillions of dollars on, and they won't spring for 100 million? Even if what Kaku is suggesting never happens, better to err on the side of caution isn't it?

    Our species is fucked. Our leaders are money-addicted psychopaths and we let them stay in office; in the US these idiots are practically fucking rock stars. Maybe the next dominant life form the Earth spits out will be a bit smarter than us. It was nice knowing ya, fellas! :p
  • As the T-800 once said, it's in our nature to destroy ourselves. Though I gotta be honest, that solar storm sounds fucking awesome, scary as shit but awesome nonetheless.

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