Can someone give me the lowdown on iPad versus Kindle?
  • Just like the title says. I'm primarily looking to eliminate my physical book collection which is far too big now, and get everything in e-format. I know what the iPad is and what it does but how about this Kindle thing-o? I had a quick look at the description on Amazon and the Kindle Fire seems to do everything an iPad can do, at half the price. So what gives?
  • To me it is mostly about the eco-system and what you are going to do with it.

    If it is just to remove your book collection then they are pretty similar. Both have applications that allow you to read eBooks bought from the Kindle eBook Store. Apple have their own bookstore called the iBookstore which is only available on iOS devices. Personally I prefer the Kindle eBook Store as there are plenty of books to choose from and I can read them on any device that has a Kindle application (Kindle ereaders, Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android phone and Android tablet).

    When looking at books on tablets you get colour in images (which is great for me as I buy a lot of programming books which highlight code in different colours) but you get slightly nicer page turn animations on Apple's iBookstore app.

    If you want it for more than just books I would look at the applications you might want. The Kindle Fire uses a branch of the Android OS (Amazon took a copy at some point and went there own way with it) so it has plenty of apps but there are so many great iOS applications that run on the iPad.

    It also depends on the type of tablet you want and the screen size. The iPad (third gen version) is roughly 10" with a very good screen and high pixel density. The iPad 2 and iPad Mini (the Mini is a 7" screen) have a lower screen resolution. The Kindle Fire is a 7" with a good display (according to reports).
  • If you JUST want books, go Kindle w/paperwhite - it's incredible.

    If you want it to do more, then it gets complicated. I've been very happy with both my Kindle 3rd Gen and Kindle Fire, but for different reasons. I have read over 1000 comics in the past year on my Fire, which has been incredible for that - and the book reading on my 3rd gen has been magnificent as well.

    Grab an iPad if you want it to do far more. That being said, reading books really sucks on iPads--COMPARED to the Kindle. If you don't know what you're missing (and you'll miss a lot, e-ink is <3) then spring for the iPad.<br />
    My recommendation is go Kindle for now, if you find yourself wanting to do more, pick up an iPad later on down the line.
  • I agree with Sunny. I have the giant Kindle, that they are discontinuing, and it is great. A non-lit screen is wonderful for reading. On vacation, on the beach, in bright sunlight, it is the bomb. iPad is an actual computer and can do a ton more stuff, but if 90% of what you will be doing is reading, Kindles are cheap and easy on the eyes. If you have Amazon Prime, in the US, you get the lending library, which is ton of FREE books. iPads are great, but not the best for reading whole books.
  • I echo the above. If this is primarily for books, the Kindle is lightweight, easy to use, and the e-ink doesn't feel at all like you're looking at a computer screen. Go for a Kindle.
  • Looks like I will be getting a Kindle then. I really only want it for books at the moment so it sounds like the way to go. Thanks fellas.
  • Dr Flibble said:
    Looks like I will be getting a Kindle then. I really only want it for books at the moment so it sounds like the way to go. Thanks fellas.

    Rite of passage: try to get the overlay off of the Kindle screen, realize ITS NOT PRINTED
  • None of the 2 go android or sony reader, kindle and ipad both don't have a sd-card slot that is a big NO (at least for me)
  • There is 13 dollar ebook the near future.
    For now I suggest the kindle over the iPad.

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