What is the greatest achievement of your generation?
  • Ok so maybe a bit unfair for the teens but still answer if you have something.

    When you're talking to your own kids or grandkids what stories do you think you will be telling them?
  • World Wide Web is the answer that jumps out to me. Totally changed how we communicate and share information.

    I'd say Doppler radar, gene sequencing, reduction of nuclear arms, lack of a world war, nanotechnology, making flight a totally safe method of transportation (for the most part, at least, as high-jacking was still a pastime of sorts through the 70s and into the 80s), and the near eradication of polio (it should be totally gone this decade).
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    lack of a world war

    WWW is a great answer, but I have to wonder about this one. If it said "lack of war" sure, humanity could be proud of that, but no world war 3 is pat-on-the-back worthy? Seems like the bar is being set a little low on that one. Either that or your expectations of our species is pretty low to begin with. :p

    But that reminded me anyway, happy Armistice Day folks! Be thankful your ancestors avoided getting killed long enough to spawn you!

    Oh, and RIP Ned Kelly, and the Whitlam administration.
  • Yeah, it isn't exactly a ringing endorsement, but considering it still hasn't even been a century since the last one, I'll take it. :P

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