Hey there!
  • So I've finally decided to join the forums even though I've been watching Noobtoob for a while (before Yuzo had a kid! because apparently that's my reference for measuring time..)

    Anyways, now that I have more free time to game I thought I would join the community and hopefully meet some fellow Noobtoob-ers and play some games together! :)
  • Welcome! I'm kind of new here too, sort of...ish...meow. What kind of games are you into?
  • Hey there! Welcome aboard! Come hop into the IRC channel sometime and get to know some of your fellow NTers!

    Get out there and get posting! Hope to see you around the forums!
  • Yeah... POST! lol. :) Hi, and welcome. :)
  • Welcome! IRC, threads, twitter - it's all there! Scoot around and join in!
  • Thanks for the welcome guys! I play pretty much everything except RTS. Apparently my brain doesn't like to think too much while I play games lol
  • Welcome to the forum!

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